Why We Should Thank and Forgive Britt McHenry

I will begin with full disclosure:

I have been towed 3 times from the same parking lot within 4 days.

I have been towed while parked in front of my house.

I have been towed for supposedly having the wrong registration sticker on my license plate.

I have been towed when I left my vehicle over night in a parking lot.

I am a blonde woman who loves sports and who, too,  went ballistic in a towing office.

But my defense of Britt McHenry isn’t because of these biases or truths, and I am not defending the words she chose to use while obviously angry.  As a public figure, she needs to handle her self in public with better discretion and fore thought.  My defense of Britt McHenry is twofold: one, because children need to learn from mistakes and realize that mistakes, especially mistakes made while angry,  don’t have to result in eternal damnation (just ask Alec and Ireland Baldwin) and 2) because the opportunistic PC police have once again arisen on behalf of all the “victims,”  and as always, they are frighteningly hilarious and misguided hypocrites.

#FireBrittMcHenry on Twitter will give you a window into those that are calling for her termination–people on all sides or no sides of the political aisle are accusing her and the companies that have contracted with her of the good old trifecta of Left-Isms: Classism, Sexism, and even Racism.

Have any of these holier than thou PC crusaders stopped to ask a few questions before they embarked on their trumped up tirade?

Does the tow truck employee have all of her teeth?  If she does, Britt could then be justly branded a liar or blind and in need of some glasses.  If the employee does not have all her pearly whites, then props to Brit for noticing this feature through her obvious anger. A keen sense of observation in the most trying times should be commended.  In blinding contrast, Isis was a JV team a few short months ago and Yemen a success story, according to the Commander In Chief.  Maybe if the Commander in Chief said Isis was too stupid or ugly to rise to greatness, the Twitteristas would start a No Bullying Campaign and petition to have him fired.

Is the employee of the tow truck company a bit overweight? If yes, then Britt could have been simply giving her some advice–much like Michelle Obama’s advice to fat kids delivered on an empty school lunch tray–trays that have been the center of many school protests and public claims of starvation.  I assume, Michelle Obama has yet to comment about her own “fat shaming” because she was too busy feasting on a 5 course Italian meal at Mario Battali’s Lupa eatery in New York City.

What was the tow truck employee saying, if anything, to Britt?  Could she have directed some insults towards Brit to cause Brit to respond accordingly? We don’t have the full audio.  We don’t know the facts.  What we do know that this tow company isn’t popular according to many of their victim’s customer reviews and comments.   This long-standing stereotype of getting worked over by a tow truck company exists for a reason and Britt McHenry was one of many who have lost it in the tow truck office–judging from the bullet proof glass and cameras in all extortion  tow truck offices.

Britt McHenry should be applauded for leaving her car in the restaurant parking lot and not driving if she had one drink, right?  Where are the women of MADD? Shouldn’t MADD be proud of this young lady’s responsible actions to get a ride home instead of driving while, presumably, impaired? That fateful night: she acted responsibly by leaving her car;  woke up a little hung over (judging from the video….); got a ride to her car which wasn’t there; probably swore a few times; had to then find her car; found her car impounded; swore some more; and then had to cough up hundreds of dollars to free her wheels.  MADDening.

What is even more maddening is the misplaced rage from the many calling this mistake or lack of good judgement an unforgivable sin, and who are using Britt to advance an overused and abused narrative of classism, or racism, or something.  When everything is about classism and racism or something, then nothing is something.

This public outcry for her termination is absurd. Do the Twitteristas still subscribe to Rolling Stone Magazine, or does the Faux Gang Rape story written by a lying reporter named Sabrina Erdely–who purposefully created chaos on campus and in the lives of the falsely accused, get a pass because it was the Rape Culture thought that counts? I don’t seem to recall seeing #FireSabrinaErdely in the Twittersphere. I also find it absurd that I have to write an article defending someone’s meltdown at a tow truck office, but hey, if the Left or those acting like the Left are going to put a bullseye on their bloated, misinforming chests, please let me take the first shot at mockery.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and many men and women alike, like the poor employee at the tow truck office, have learned this lesson the hard way.  Brooke needs to be reminded that the Golden Rule if fundamental and needs to be practiced. These little lessons, along with forgiveness of Britt McHenry should she directly apologize to the employee, would be a good place to start with the youngins, as would teaching them how to read signs in a public parking lot. The Britt McHenry meltdown is a teachable moment for all mommas.  Don’t teach your kids that everything in life is fair, or that everyone gets a trophy, or that losing your temper on camera, which could be leaked, will condemn your future to waiting in an unemployment line. Life isn’t fair but punishment should be.














  • All McHenry had to do,and has to do, is make a real, sincere apology to Gina, the offended person, instead of that press release she tossed out on Twitter. It’s not too late.


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