Trump Jr. Screwed Up. Now What?

Donald Trump Jr. just released a series of emails with some disturbing lines that indicate he thought he was meeting with a Russian Government attorney in June of 2016 that he hoped would spread some dirt on Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and help his fathers campaign. This is the big revelation–after a year that has included numerous investigations into alleged Russian collusion and interference with the American election of 2016. The emails certainly don’t look good on the surface and give the impression that young Trump was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get some useable intel/opposition research. Over the weekend, he called it opposition research and made a joke or two about it on Twitter. I’m sure he isn’t laughing now. His behavior may not rise to the level of treason claimed by the detractors of his dad’s administration–but it will keep the “resistance:”  going full-speed for a hell of a lot longer.

Donald Trump Jr. in an effort to slow down the prairie fire and the media’s renewed frenzied focus on Russia, sent the emails worldwide on Twitter. The reaction has not been good.

The left wing media is predictably going wild and throwing around terms like ‘smoking gun’, ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’. However, there are some significant problems with this narrative.  The first being the woman at the center of this firestorm, the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who told NBC News, in an exclusive television interview, that she has no connection at all to the Kremlin aside from being a Russian citizen. Veselnitskaya says her only goal of the meeting was to discuss policies concerning Americans adopting Russian children. Those adoptions were suspended some time ago by Vladamir Putin’s government in response to sanctions in response to the Magnitsky Act.

It seems Trump Jr. was motivated to release the emails after learning the New York Times has acquired them as well. It is problematic as previously he’d told the media he met only briefly with the Russian attorney and the conversation was focused solely on adoption laws. That may in fact be true but the emails make it clear that was not why he was in the room. He hoped to learn something that would damage Hillary Clinton.

All reports indicate that the President had no knowledge of the meeting. President Trump also tweeted that his son is a high quality person and he ‘applauds his transparency.’

That doesn’t matter; the left wing pundits are screaming mad, frothing at the mouth and gesticulating wildly about the implications and the long-wished-for fallout of finding a connection between anyone from the Trump camp to anyone in Russia. The liberals say it only matters that President Donald Trump’s eldest son thought he was meeting with a Russian representative to get dirt on the opposition.  It is a bit odd that they seemed to have forgotten that the Democratic National Committee paid to get a retired British Spy to put together a pile of garbage from Russian operatives in an attempt to smear then Candidate Trump. The DNC, and its allies in the Obama Administration–including the former President, went so far as to leak the completely discredited Steele Dossier.  Never Trump Senator John McCain jumped at the chance to attack the President-Elect along with other ‘Never Trumpers’ like Senator Lindsey Graham and Michigan Congressman Justin Amash.

The fact that it doesn’t appear this woman had any connection to any significant Russian officials or offered any information concerning Hillary Clinton is irrelevant. The venal liberals are out for blood and they quite simply do not care what the truth may be. The only truth they accept is that Donald Trump is an illegitimate President and they will do anything to prove it.

I wonder why the pundits and chattering class on the discredited CNN and other openly biased, hostile news outlets didn’t show the same enthusiasm for the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton destroyed with a wink and said, ‘trust me’. I guess they also forgot to check into Hillary sending classified emails to Huma Abiden and her pedophile husband’s home computer. Do they remember the meeting on the tarmac between former President Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss keeping the lid on the email scandal and investigation? Or was that “just a matter?”

In my opinion, Donald Trump Jr. screwed up because he gave red meat to those that will do anything to destroy his father’s presidency. He screwed up because he tried to lay low and hoped the commotion would pass. It didn’t and now he has thrown gas onto what was only smoke.

The first rule of crisis management is to get in front of the story.  You are supposed to control the narrative, not the other way around. He screwed up because this will mean a lot more digging and questions like: did you tell your father about the meeting? Why not? How many other times did you attempt to meet with people ‘to gather dirt on Hillary Clinton’? Did anyone else in the campaign have such meetings? Those questions will come from the media, the FBI, Robert Mueller and maybe by those that voted for Donald Trump.

The other bottom line is this: if this is the biggest bombshell the left can ferret out after months and soon to be years of investigation, it’s pretty weak.  Considering Trump Jr. is not part of his fathers administration and was not required to disclose the meeting, there certainly doesn’t appear to be any crime. Hurting your opponents campaign by using foreign contacts is a dirty trick and morally questionable, but it is not an attack on the nation and is therefore not treason by any stretch of any vivid, liberal imagination.

However if there are more revelations like this,  they will begin to take a serious toll on President Trump and his ability to accomplish his agenda.

We already know that McCain, Graham, Amash and their ilk are more than happy to pile on with Democrats to destroy Donald Trump, and it wouldn’t take much for these weakling Republicans to jump on the train so they can ride it over the cliff. At least that way they can say they finally accomplished something during this session of Congress. To hell with what happens to America while they are cheering on the wind while watching the prairie burn.

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