The Feminist View: Demented, Defensive, and Disarmed.

I believe that a feminist is any woman who lives the life she chooses.”

Carly Fiorina, The View, June 16, 2015

According to Whoopi Goldberg, the following interview with Carly Fiorina, prior to the first GOP debate, elevated Carly’s image in this presidential election:
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In the last exchange, Whoopi states: “I assume you are a person that is very pro-life and believes in that. So are you going to run as a person that will govern for everyone or will you run under your Christian beliefs? Because you said some wonderful things but it made me ask the question, if women should have choices why isn’t choice a good thing?”
Although women are faced with many choices, the only choice that Whoopi believes that defines a feminist is her position on abortion. You simply cannot be pro-life and consider yourself a feminist. The DNC and their female supporters have always relied on abortion to determine which women are accepted into their progressive sisterhood and which women are the enemies of choice. Their decision of picking their feminist sisters is not based on gender. Their sisterhood is solely based on ideology. The bra-burning feminists of the left have progressed from Roe V Wade to abortion on demand reproductive justice, and although euphemisms make nice hash tags, the ugly truth about reproductive justice is not pleasant or easy to discuss in an open forum, as Debbie Wasserman Schultz illustrates.
Rather than engage in an honest and factual conversation about abortion on demand, the ladies of The View and their DNC sister Debbie, resort to lobbing misogynistic and sexist attacks against Carly Fiorina –attacks they claim can only come from the likes of Donald Trump, anyone in the GOP party, or Bernie Sanders. Yet, Joy Behar is aroused by Bernie Sanders.
A few days ago, the ladies of The View, who survived Roe V Wade, aroused, err interviewed Gloria Steinam. (Please notice the difference in questions, body language, and tone from their earlier interview with Carly).
Whoopie Goldberg: “Please welcome Ms. Gloria Steinam. Hey Baby!”
“Are you surprised that we are still having these conversations about reproductive rights?”
Gloria Steinam:

You know, I would have been surprised, I think earlier in the movement because I thought that if we had the majority support of most Americans that the laws would change and it would be okay,” Steinem surmised. “I overestimated our democracy, let me put it that way.

Gloria Steinam didn’t overestimate our democracy, she and her progressive sisters underestimated the conscience and progress of the American woman. According to the latest statistics, over half of americans are conservative and do not approve of late-term abortion–any abortion after the first trimester.
The View and the DNC, from this feminist outcast, is in disarray. A conservative, pro-life woman is gaining in the polls and their everyday champion for choice is losing. Democrats may want to deflect from these facts with insults, but numbers don’t insult and numbers don’t lie, and the numbers show that their progressive views are not progressing and are not popular. Hillary is now losing, among women, to Ben Carson in the latest Quinnipiac Poll.
However, in another possible attempt to boost ratings, the ladies of The View have accepted Carly’s challenge to “Man up and say it to my face.” This Friday, Carly will appear on The View to, in her words, defend herself and her conservative positions in an open discussion about conservative versus progressive ideology when it comes to making a choice. Any choice.
A leader, like Carly, rises to a challenge, and as Carly and her GOP colleagues continue their rise in the polls, it is evident that conservative positions and principles are resonating with women voters of all ages. Choice is a good thing for women, and in this election, women have many choices and women are resoundingly choosing life. These are the new feminists. Here us roar.

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