Midterms in Michigan: A choice between safety or sanctuary

Cities and counties that have had a large influx of illegal aliens, also see an increase in crimes ranging from identity theft to human trafficking.  The FBI, for instance, has rated San Diego, California, which borders Mexico, as one of the 13 highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation. A joint study conducted by the University of San Diego found that “virtually no community in San Diego remains untouched by sex trafficking.”  Politicians often like to say they are tough on crime, but when it comes to illegal immigration, they often turn a blind eye to the real effects it has on local communities.

Meagan Whitmer and Galvin Gilchrist, Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor in Michigan, refuse to see illegal immigration as a threat to counties, cities and neighborhoods.  They have turned a blind eye to the problem of open borders by advocating sanctuary cities, providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, and calling for the elimination of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Bordering Canada, rather than Mexico, does not make Michigan immune from the negative impact illegal immigration can have on communities. Should the policies pushed by the Whitmer/Gilchrist ticket become law, citizens of Michigan will be subject to more crime and illegal drugs in their communities.  Taxpayers will bear the burden of illegal immigration and students will see education dwindle as money is prioritized for those who need to learn English.

Worse yet, drugs and human trafficking will undoubtedly increase since local law enforcement will be prohibited from working with federal officials.  Human traffickers and drug dealers will be given a safe haven in sanctuary cities. This is pure lunacy.

Monroe County, Michigan, for instance, has already seen an increase in human trafficking,  State trooper Tressa Duffin of the Michigan State Police recently said, “People who say it doesn’t happen here better wake up,” Duffin said. “Women are waiting to be rescued. We have to keep the conversation going in your communities. We just had a male and female arrested a week ago… People are taken advantage of–even in Monroe. Somebody is looking to take advantage of us.” She said labor trafficking probably is more prevalent in the county than sex trafficking with over 800 arrests in the state in 2017.

Federal and local law enforcement have already been working together to make communities, like Monroe county, safer. This cooperation could end under a Whitmer/Gilchrist administration.

Republican Bill Schuette has been fighting human sex trafficking and highlighting his work as the state Attorney General.  He has worked with the state legislature to create a human trafficking commission, and successfully fought for the enactment of laws designed to shield minor victims from prosecution, give them treatment, and crack down on criminals involved in the illegal sex trade.

All of this progress could be chipped away if the Whitmer/Gilchrist ticket wins in November.  Polls show a tightening race. Perhaps Michigan voters saw Ms. Whitmer refuse to address her open border positions during a recent debate with Mr. Schuette.  Perhaps others are waking up to the realization that there is a downside to handcuffing law enforcement, thereby leaving communities vulnerable to organized crime. Either way, Michigan voters face a monumental decision in less than two weeks – will they defend their neighborhoods or will they allow progressive politics to sacrifice their communities on the altar of open borders?

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