Michigan To Pay $5M For Recount

If you thought that the misguided attempt to overturn the election started by Green Party candidate Jill Stein was just a farce, think again. Hillary Clinton’s team has now joined the baseless effort and it will likely cost Michigan taxpayers a pile of money if the charade is allowed to go forward. In fact, it could cost millions of dollars.

The estimate in Wisconsin for the recount is $3.5 Million dollars. That’s because Wisconsin requires the requesting party to pay for a recount in a race with a margin of victory wider than .5%. The county clerks make the estimate across the state. The money must be paid in full by tomorrow and if that isn’t enough the Stein/Clinton coalition will have to pay more. If the money isn’t paid the ridiculous effort ends but if the money shows up the nonsense continues.

In Michigan however we aren’t as fortunate.

In fact the taxpayers could end up footing the bill for millions of dollars. Michigan Elections Director Chris Thomas says the charge for a recount is a mere $125 per precinct. That is a grand total of $790,000. The counties will be forced to pick up any cost above that amount. You know the counties that already have strapped budgets and no way to foot the bill without making big cuts elsewhere. This will be a devastating financial hit to Michigan dished out by the Democrats who simply refuse to accept that they were beaten.

And Michigan could pay a bill of $5 Million dollars or higher. Why?

Michigan had a lot more voters than the Badger State. Wisconsin voters cast just under 2.8 million ballots and Michigan had just over 4.5 million votes cast on Election Day. That means it is easy to assume that Michigan taxpayers could put up big money. For the sake of argument let’s say Michigan’s bill came in 62% larger than Wisconsin’s because that many more ballots were cast; the total bill would be around $5.6 million dollars. Subtract Jill Steins down payment of $790,000 and Michigan taxpayers would be on the hook for about $4.9 million dollars. The bill would be higher if mistakes, delays or overruns occurred.

$4.9 million dollars for an election that no one actually believes was hacked or is inaccurate. Not top Democrats, not the Obama administration and not one credible person. This is a travesty on every level. There is absolutely no justification to inflict this kind of stress and financial damage on Michigan simply because we chose a Republican for President for the first time since 1988.

I would hope someone of good sense would put an end to this circus and soon.

Donald Trump won. It is that simple and the sooner the Democrats and the radical leftists accept that fact, the sooner the rest of us can get on with trying to heal a very divided nation.



  • Is this a big delay tactic? What they are not finished counting by the time the electorates vote?? Will these electorate votes keep Trump from getting 272 electorate votes even if they voted without them?

  • Yes. It is an attempt to de-legitimize the election by the Democrats. They are using Jill Stein as a straw man. It will not change anything in the end. Worst case scenario: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all fail to complete a recount- 46 electoral votes not included, the election goes to the House and they choose Trump. Waste of time and money!


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