Let Obamacare Die

It is time for Obamacare to die. It has been sick from the beginning. It has been propped up using the lifeblood of your tax dollars. It will need massive transfusions of billions more tax dollars, and in the end, its’ condition will not have improved. It is time for the government Hospice nurses to let it go. It is suffering systemic failure and there is nothing else anyone can do to save it.

Let it die and let there be no doubt that the blame lies with each and every Democrat that pushed though the raw deal with back alley parliamentary tricks. Let people know the names of numerous Republicans who pretended to be brave in voting for appeal when Barack Obama was President yet have shown they are nothing more than shills for the Socialist Swamp and moral decay found inside the Washington Beltway.

Donald Trump must stand up tall and be clear that he has tried three times to find a path to repeal the law that is draining resources from this nation and giving little in return. Let him declare the failure of the latest Socialist juggernaut to oblivious spending and debt. Let him expose the insurance companies and the other hucksters that ponied up for the guaranteed piles of taxpayer cash. Trump must make it clear he will not forget. We too should not forget.

We were sold a bill of goods. We were shackled with a bill of goods for a pile of garbage that did nothing to keep healthcare costs under control, and, has failed miserably from what the CBO promised. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that by 2017, 25 million people would have signed up for insurance through the exchanges. The number has continued to flounder at less than 10 million. I know you keep hearing about 23 million Americans picked up health insurance because of Obamacare, but please understand the balance of 13 or 14 million people were picked up in states with Medicaid expansion.  Medicaid is welfare and not an ‘insurance’ program; unless you consider food stamps to be an insurance program, too.

We have been lied to from day one about what Obamacare is and what the intentions really were. It was and still is a massive government takeover of the funding mechanisms that pay for health coverage. It is billions and billions in additional taxes and a direct theft from Medicare to the tune of $800 billion dollars from America’s seniors–most of whom paid into the system. It is the groundwork for a permanent government healthcare system designed to take over the entire sector. It is the first battle in the war for single-payer healthcare.

You were told by then President Barack Obama the average families would save $2500 a year on premiums, but as you well know, prices have skyrocketed year after year in pretty much every state. This year in Arizona, premiums shot up on average by 117%. That is the average! We were all told we could keep our doctors and the medical plans we had and liked. We now know that was a lie.

What have the Republicans done to bring an end to this mess? Nothing. Republicans have run their mouths and made promises. Most of them, I believe, were serious about the promises they made, but others flat out lied. They had no intention to repeal the largest government program in history. Of course, they never thought they would be exposed as frauds because most of them never thought Donald Trump would win the White House.

I wonder how much Obamacare will cover when it comes to Republican panic attacks on Election Day 2018?

I realize some shiftless RINO’s like Lisa Murkowski won’t face the voters this time around, and may find a way to survive politically. Others won’t be so fortunate. We need to pay attention to Senators like Susan Collins of Maine and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. They have clearly demonstrated they support an ever-expanding government, and I would not be surprised if they climbed on board the single-payer government healthcare train too. There is nothing quite like standing in line waiting to see a doctor—if you ever see a doctor.

The media has the nerve to talk about how repealing Obamacare will ‘kill people’. Well let me tell you something,  being told your heart surgery could take up to a year to get scheduled, or that your prescription is just too expensive under the governments program, is a VA healthcare system.  One that produced death panels where our soldiers died waiting for treatment.  then you will really hear about people dying just waiting for treatment.

Congressman won’t have to worry about this  because they all exempted themselves from Obamacare. They also exempted Federal Judges and  The United States Supreme Court.

My friends,  it is our solemn duty to make sure voters know exactly who put us in this position and who lied about getting us out of it. We must be diligent to explain that it is not the government’s role to demand what kind of insurance we buy and what is included. It is not the government’s role to dictate to private citizens or private corporations how to conduct business in private transactions.

It is also our solemn duty to hold these career politicians accountable, and I do not care if there is a D or an R or an I after their names. We can no longer tolerate this perpetual incompetence. We also cannot allow them to impede and prevent what the voters of America demanded during the last election with 306 Electoral Votes.

It is too bad that Alt-Left Marxist Democrat Bart Stupak isn’t here to kick out of office. Sadly the newest member of Congress from Michigan’s 1st Congressional District may prove a disappointment as well. Retired Marine Jack Bergman just voted for  the taxpayer to foot the bill for gender re-assignment surgery- in the military! Another Michigan republican, Justin Amash and 22 other bums from the failing Republican Party,  joined him in this indefensible support of this madness. Who in the hell can we trust anymore?

Some say the amount to be spent on gender reassignment surgery over the next ten years could be enough to buy 20 brand new F-18 Hornets that could help crush terrorists like those ransacking Syria, Iraq and Libya.

It is breathtaking just how far removed so many of these politicians are from mainstream America and common sense issues. Can you imagine one of these jack-wagons sitting around your Thanksgiving Day dinner table explaining how it’s important for taxpayers to buy gender reassignment surgery instead of upgrading and improving our military equipment? Or making sure a soldier can see a doctor– before he stands in line for 6 months and dies before ever getting in?

I am here to tell you if these kinds of indefensible votes keep happening, there may not be a Republican Party. The Democrats have already been relegated primarily to the East and West Coasts, and soon,  both of these parties could be relegated to the dusty halls of the American History Museum.

Let Obamacare fail! That will be when President Trump can finally say, ‘I told you so.’ That will be when we may actually repeal this whole rotting mess, holding spineless politicians responsible and return to the free market principles that built this great nation.

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