ICYMI: 12 Words for Hillary, Nukes and Jazz Hands for all!

Happy Sunday ya’ll. What a week. Personally and politically. But ReaganBaby ICYMI is about politics, so here’s the week wrap.

Crazy foreign policy week when you sit back and watch:

Nukes For All

Kerry negotiates with the Mullahs of Iran.  You know those even-tempered, liberty-lovin’  folks over in the Middle East–nevermind that they have promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth and have endorsed EMP attacks on US Soil.   I guess this “agreement” to a nuclear Iran will be 2-3 pages long. Oh, how I only wish Democrats believed in “agreements” with the US Tax Payers that were only 2-3 pages long, but I guess when your goal is to take complete control of 1/6th of the US economy in small steps to a single payer healthcare system, the fundamental transformation of that system had to be written on over 11,000 pages.

I Never Promised U A Rose Garden

Unless you’re a deserter.  Berghdal “The Great” Deserter was promised the Rose Garden but BREAKING NEWS this week: “Berghdal Is Charged With Desertion.” Yep, and Obama just found out this week when it hit the newsstands, just like the rest of us “folks.”  Wait, though.  Just you wait right there, Joe Public. For we can’t make that rush to judgement about his guilt or innocence until This. Goes. Through.The.Process.And.Is.Decided.By.The.Court.System.  Too bad the administration didn’t use that philosophy in the rush to judgement in Ferguson or Florida or Benghazi or Lois Lerner.

Speaking of crazy:

Super Sized Sexism

Lena Dunham smeared Jews, much in line with her progressive predecessors,  by comparing them to dogs.  Hysterical, right?  Right?  Hello?  Yeah, so I guess comparing jews to dogs is cool amongst the feminists who cry sexism everywhere, anti-semitism where? #FreePalestine or something. But wait, it gets more super and sexy.  Another #ReadyForHillary Super Sized Feminist Free Speech Police brigade calling themselves the HRC Super Volunteers (150,000 strong and growing by the way. Hey Feminists!  Show your jazzhands in support!), published/tweeted this little number on what 11 words are code words for sexism AND words that are NOT ALLOWED to be used when referring to their queen, Hillary Clinton. Because they are watching.  They are taking notes.   Well grab your notepads you super volunteers, I am probably not the first to do so and violate your mandates on my free speech, but I hope I am one of a bajillion that do.

1 polarizing

Thank you for giving me a new word to characterize her!  You are Super, you Super Volunteers!  Because before you came along, polarizing wasn’t in my Hillary adjective binder (#WarOnAdjectives?)  But now that you have lead me down a little lighted path, her polarization is crystal clear.  When she is consistently breaking people into groups, and triumphs weaknesses and despair over strengths and success, that is pretty polarizing.  All of these Silos of Victims by birthright and paralyzed by the injustices and inequities must be saved and equalized by a government program, or piece of legislation, or a woman president. Hillary Clinton chronically claims to be the gender justice, equal rights champion for women, while taking 25 Million from Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to drive and another 25 million from the Axis of Misogyny.  So yes, Super Volunteers, Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy is pretty polarizing.

2 calculating

When a newly crowned senator from New York has her own private, secret server ready to go by her coronation, somewhere in her manse in Chappequa, I would call that pretty calculating.

3 disingenuous

What difference does it make that such a disingenuous statement like that was ever made in public when referring to the murders of Ambassador Christopher Stephens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Dougherty?  Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack

4 insincere

Hillary Clinton’s insincerity can be best  summed up in these 3 minutes.

5 ambitious

God forbid a woman be ambitious. Should mediocre, sloth-like women break glass ceilings?  I would think breaking something that has been hanging.over.someone’s.head.since.birth and not to mention, the beginning of time, would require a lot of effort, but what do i know?  I must be sexist for wanting or being ambitious.

6 inevitable

Hillary Clinton’s inevitable rise among feminists and the #ReadyForHillary Speech Police isn’t surprising. I am Woman! Hear Me Whine!

7 entitled

Maybe if Hillary hadn’t married Bill, I wouldn’t call her entitled.  But would I even know her if she hadn’t? I mean, she was another community organizer and a friend of Saul Alinsky.  She didn’t have a stellar record at Rose.  But, I did hear she did have a great year in trading cattle futures. Hmmmm.  Thus, I am aware of Hillary because of her husband.  Maybe that makes be sexist by association.  But when we are talking about Bill Clinton, isn’t that association already stained on the blue dress in history?  When looking at Hillary’s record as a “public servant” or “woman’s activist” I wouldn’t say that record is entitled to a promotion.

8 overconfident

Hillary Clinton is so overconfident that she believes her deceptive behavior will and should get a pass.  And, low and behold, there are some that are giving it to her. #ReadyForHillary

9 secretive

Hillary Clinton will always be known for having a secretive server and being sued by the Associated Press #ReadyForHillary activists might morph into #FreeHillary activists.  We do know it will #TakeAVillage.

10 out of touch

Hillary Clinton is so out of touch that she can’t have two emails on one phone or any of her four devices and according Dick Moris, she is so outta touch that she can’t even type. Must I also mention that she thought the secret service was protecting the information on the secret server? OH wait, I can’t say secret according to the speech police. So I fixed it.

11 will do anything to win

Considering that Hillary Clinton truly believed that she could destroy documents that were a part of our national archives, our history, and only provide what she deemed should be a part of our national history– the sheer gall, arrogance, and conniving behavior aside, handily and candidly shows that she would do anything to write her own history.  To Win.

If Hillary’s Super Speech Police Volunteers have these 11 words that I cannot use (they’re are watching me!), perhaps we can “all just get along” and agree on one word that perfectly describes Hillary Clinton and that is:

12 LIAR 

And last but not least, and in true ICYMI tradition, now for something completely different.  Dedicated to my Hogan who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, March 23.  Rest In Peace, Boo. #FrisbeesForever #MustLoveDogs



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  • Nice recap. Frightening, but informational. Thanks for ending on a much-needed positive note. Loved the vid. RIP Hogan.


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