ICYMI: Hookers for Hillary, Eric Holder in a Skirt, A Hot Blonde Loses it and Reagan Wins It

The Ice Queen Cometh in an ominous black bus named Scooby, embarking on her Magical Mystery Tour in Iowa and wrapped it up like a Chipotle burrito sans gratuity.  Gratuity was definitely not the theme of the Hillary campaign. The lap dog press certainly didn’t feel the Hillary love, as she and Scooby raced by them as they chased her tail. No questions, please.  Hillary was too busy meeting with everyday Americans–who were vetted democrats, driven to the meeting, and had their cell phones confiscated by the secret service.  When she was done holding court with her carefully selected, like-minded, everyday Americans, she did what everyday Americans do: pulled her own luggage and flew commercial.  What a champion.

So ICYMI, here is what else was going on in the real, everyday world.

Hookers For Hillary: Scooby didn’t make it as far as Las Vegas, but trickle-down economics just became a more interesting and sexy topic.   The Hookers at the Bunny Ranch, the first “woman’s group” that I am aware of, have thrown their busty busy and abled bodies behind Hillary for President.  I am looking forward, as is Bill, to her first fundraiser at The Bunny Ranch. Hillary can break the glass ceiling by appealing to all women.  Hookers included.

#FireBrittMcHenry: Britt McHenry, an ESPN reporter, was caught on tape insulting another women who worked for a towing company.  The towing company isn’t asking for her termination, but many on the right and the left are. Here is my take on this blathering nonsense.

Iran So Far Away: Only a complete fool would negotiate with a liar. But when we have a commander in chief who promised to negotiate with people who want to kill us, and John Kerry at the table, can we really expect a good deal?  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee finally reigned in the executive abuse of power with a bipartisan vote of 19-0, thereby forcing Obama to allow congressional review of any deal with the Iranians.

Eric Holder in a Skirt: According to the president, congress should be embarrassed that they haven’t confirmed Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.  If we want to talk about embarrassment, need I point to Iran again?

I am going to make ICYMI short tonight, one because I have another deadline, but two, because I want to leave you with the words of Ronald Reagan.  I always revert to Ronald Reagan when I need an infusion of optimism, strength and common sense.  There will not be another Ronald Reagan, but I have to say, Rubio, in his announcement for his candidacy for President this week, certainly harkened me back to the Reagan years, especially after this administration has dismantled our military, traded 5 terrorists for a deserter, and hugged another Communist to our South, Castro.  Maybe we now can get some good cigars and rum and Castro can fulfill Obama’s campaign promise: to get rid of Gitmo.  Castro, I am sure, can fill it.



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