Hillary Clinton and The Axis of Misogyny

Hillary Clinton may not be some “Tammy Wynette standing by her man,” but she certainly isn’t a feminist revolutionary like “Manal al-Sharif  or Wajeha al-Huwaider who are actively standing by their fellow women. Wajeah compares the plight of the Saudi women to slavery and after spending some brief time in the US, says she was influenced and became an activist: “Before that, I knew that I’m a human being. However, in the United States I felt it, because I was treated as one. I learned life means nothing without freedom. Then I decided to become a real women’s rights activist, in order to free women in my country and to make them feel alive.”

Hillary Clinton: A powerful female contender?  Yes.  A powerful, trailblazer for women’s equality?  Not exactly.

As Hillary promises to make Women’s Rights and Gender Equality the cornerstones of her predictable, presidential campaign trail, women should be questioning her commitment and her ability to be an agent of change in achieving gender equality–especially when the most brutal, misogynistic countries are giving 10’s of millions of dollars to her family’s foundation.

It has been reported that the Axis of Misogyny: Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and the UAE, donated approximately $50 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Approximately half of that amount being received from the worst oppressor of women, Saudi Arabia–where women represent only 13% of the workforce, and are forbidden to: drive, make personal health decisions, freely travel without a male guardian, and are punished if they are raped.

Approximately a week after this disclosure, on March 9th, Melinda Gates and Hillary unveiled NoCeilings , a data-driven, well-produced, celebrity-supported report that highlights gender inequality, and ultimately ends with the hashtag, #NotThere. Fantastic. Just what us victims women need, another Hashtag campaign to come to our virtual rescue.  Yet, women’s rights are virtually #NotThere in any of the above donors to the Clinton Foundation and as proven by the NoCeilings report.  Maura Pally, acting chief executive of the Clinton foundation, stated that no foreign governments contributed to the “No Ceilings” effort and added that “anyone who supports the Clinton Foundation does so knowing we work to empower girls and women around the world.”

Since the Axis Of Misogyny donated up to $50 Million to the Clinton Foundation, how much of these monies were dedicated to the empowerment of women in their respective countries or worldwide?  Generally, when a large donation is given to a non profit, the non profit is instructed, by the donor,  as to how and where this money is to be used.  According to reports, Algeria donated $500,000 to the Clinton foundation for “Haiti Relief” and at a time when Algeria was making an unprecedented lobbying effort with Hillary’s State Department.  So, why did the UAE give $1-$5 million to the foundation?  Why did Kuwait give $1-$10 million?  Why did Oman give $1-$5 million? Saudi Arabia?  Qatar? Brunei?  All of these questions need to be answered and should be answered by Hillary Clinton.

Women deserve no less than transparency from any candidate, especially from a candidate who promises to break glass ceilings and whose foundation spent $50 Million in travel expenses alone from 2003-2013.   Hmmm.  $50 million. Buys a lot of travel, but not a lot of freedom.

Ironically, and also on March 9th, while addressing the UN conference on Woman’s Equality, Hillary stated: “There has never been a better time in history to be born female.”  Manal and Wajeah would disagree.


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