Hillary Clinton, A Champion….for Terrorists


Let’s be clear, though, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are a peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

Hillary Clinton, November 2015, Speech to Council of Foreign Relations

Since September 11, 2001, Islamic terrorists have carried out close to 30,000 deadly attacks, many of them on American soil.  Since November 2015, hundreds of terrorist attacks have been committed by Islamic terrorists.

According to Hillary, in 2014, she empathizes with terrorists:


In February 2015, after 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were beheaded by Isis fighters, Marie Harf, spokeswoman for the State Department, explained that without a stable government in Libya, ISIS was allowed to recruit and gain ground.  What she fails to admit was that it was her own state department, led by NATO, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarret, and the Obama administration who overthrew the Khaddafi Libyan government, leaving a vacuum and space for ISIS to globally recruit and seize power in Northern Africa. Additionally, Hillary Clinton refused to recognize Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic Terrorist organization, as a FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) after they had kidnapped 276 Nigerian school girls and despite the fact that Boko Haram had savagely butchered more people than ISIS in 2014.  Later in the interview, Marie Harf blames the lack of jobs for the Islamic Jihad. If only Hillary would sponsor a Jihadi Job Fair, perhaps Israel and the rest of western civilization would be saved.

Fast forward one year to March 21, after ISIS suicide bombers killed 34 innocents in Brussels.  After the bloody Islamic massacre, Hillary stated: “We have been confronting the threat of terrorism for quite some time and with the latest terrible manifestation of it, we’ve got to tighten our security,” Clinton said. “I’ve talked about a visa system and a passenger name record system.”

Hillary’s abject refusal of equating terrorism with Islamic doctrine, coupled with her empathy for terrorists who want to wipe Israel off the map, should give any thinking person pause, and further substantiates Trump’s claims that politicians are all talk and no action when it comes to our border security and enforcing our immigration laws. Political correctness and kissing the wife of a Palestinian terrorist, emboldens terrorists, as does her husband, who ISIS refers to as “the fornicator”  in a recruitment video.

Under the current administration, Muslim immigration into the US has skyrocketed. Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, testified that arrests of Afghans and Pakastanis, illegally crossing our open border, have skyrocketed this year and the Obama administration fails “to give the American public key indicators such as the number of arrests of persons from countries with known terrorist ties or from countries that compete economically with our interests.”  During the Fox News Business coverage of the Arizona primary, Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, statedWe’ve seen a huge spike in money transfers coming from places like Nogales on the border, to Middle Eastern countries.”

According to Tobe Berkovitz, a professor of communications at Boston University who specializes in political communication: “Middle America is terrified of terrorism and would err on the side of strength rather than ‘Are we going to offend people?” People are increasingly more worried of stopping that person than offending that person.”

According to Gallup, 55% of Americans trust Republicans to do a better job of protecting them from international terrorism and military threats:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.34.10 PM

This gallup poll was conducted in 2014.  In 2015, 19 Americans, in three separate terrorist attacks, were killed on US soil by Muslim Jihadists.  Yet, the will of the American people to fight for our safety and security is seemingly found in the support and movement behind Donald Trump– the only candidate who began his presidential campaign talking about border reinforcements and illegal immigration.  According to Pew data, 83 percent of the public (across all parties) believes the level of immigration should either be frozen or reduced.  Furthermore, after the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Donald Trump’s numbers doubled.

Hillary is not the champion of these Americans, she is a champion of changing the electoral college through illegal immigration and a champion of supporting, funding, and empathizing with Islamic jihadists.




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