Governor Jerry Brown: He Sells Sanctuary

Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting

Benjamin Franklin

This week, the California state legislature will vote to become a sanctuary state–and it will pass.  This passage will provide sanctuary to approximately three million illegal aliens and their children.  In other words, one in ten Californians are undocumented.

According to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau, one in five Californians live in poverty, the highest rate in the country.  An estimated 20.4 percent of Californians lived below the poverty line in a three-year average of 2014, 2015 and 2016.  In 2007. the poverty rate was 12.4 percent, yet when Governor Jerry Brown assumed office in 2011, the poverty rate was 15.3% and the illegal alien population was 7%.

Evidently, these pathetic numbers have risen during his reign.  But this is progress according to the Progressives!

Progressives like Governor Brown and Senator Kamala Harris are notorious in parroting “income inequality” talking points.  Progressives claim to have all the answers to solve income inequality.  Yet, when you look at the latest California census data, the progressive “champions of the poor” do not solve income inequality, they increase poverty for all. The unprotected citizens of California are relied upon to solve income inequality–by paying the bill for “free” services that these charlatans promise to their wards of the state.

According to the latest California $171 billion budget, $30.3 billion or 17.7% of the total budget, is spent on illegal aliens.  Here is the breakdown:

Education: $15.63 billion

Healthcare:$4.02 billion

Crime: $4.4 billion

Remittance Payments: $3.86 billion (mainly to Mexico)

Government administration and services: $1.6 billion

Illegal aliens do contribute about $3 billion in tax revenue per year, yet consume 20% of the budget as 10% of the population.

I suppose one could argue, when everyone is poor, income inequality is solved, yet poor consumers rely on the free stuff.  It’s a California conundrum that Jerry Brown ignores as he and his progressive legislature raise taxes, fees and increase regulations.  Unabated and unchallenged, Governor Brown continues his destruction of wealth by selling sanctuary–complete with free healthcare, free education, and even free abortions. But, when you drive in the once golden state, what you find is a progressive sanctuary of deteriorating dams, congested and crumbling roads, and over 200 languages spoken.  In case anyone needs an extra job in California to pay for all this free stuff (not the crumbling infrastructure) the California courts are hiring interpreters–never mind that your tax payer dollars are paying your salary.

Buenas Suerte. Or, if you speak the international language of business…good luck.





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