If you like your internet, you can’t keep your internet–according to the latest vote for “Net Neutrality” by the Obama FCC.  On February 26th, in a party line vote (3-2), and by direct encouragement from the White House, the FCC, headed by Chairman Tom Wheeler, has decided that the freedom and innovation the internet has provided for decades to the masses, simply isn’t fair and accessible enough and must have the heavy hand of government to ensure and mandate the progressive mantra of “fairness and equality/just and reasonable” or put in government speak, “control, taxes and regulation.”

In an age where data is seamlessly and instantly transmitted, consumer goods are sold and shipped with a click of a button, and free speech thrives through news sites and blogs, this age of openness and availability is simply not good enough, according to Tom Wheeler as quoted on January 8, 2015 at the CES show in Las Vegas (at approximately the 24 minute mark), “Fewer than 25% of Americans have one choice in Internet providers, and that is something we need to overcome.” That day, he is also quoted as saying, “Without government intervention, broadband companies (ISP’s) cannot be trusted.” Really, Tom?  You released the 332 Net Neutrality proposal on February 5th but kept it hidden from the American people.  You also declined to meet in front of the House Oversight Committee prior to the FCC vote.  Trust who, you say?

A familiar cry for fairness, access and equality for a small section of the populous, wrapped in a dubious layer of secrecy, resulted in Obamacare– a law resulting in the spending of 100’s of millions of dollars on a website that still doesn’t work and still left millions uninsured or kicked off the insurance plans that they liked.  Yet, we are supposed to rely on the government to manage the internet and we must pass it to find out what’s in it?

I would like to take this moment to remind Tom that Al Gore did not invent the internet, nor did anyone in a government agency invent the World Wide Web, and so far, without government intervention, innovation, connection speeds, commerce and consumer access has thrived.  But this reminder will go unheard by the the statists in government, because freedom and competition is their enemy.

Kim Kardashian tried to #BreakTheInternet with her biggest ass..et, but her assets are nothing in comparison to the powerful and greedy hands of government. Tom Wheeler and this administration have accomplished breaking what didn’t need to be fixed in just 3 votes.



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