A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart

Originally written by ReaganBaby on March 1, 2012, 4;18pm.

I write this through tears and with the heaviest of hearts.

I cannot say that I “know” Andrew. I have not been to his house. I have not broken bread with the man. I have had a cocktail with him….ok maybe two. Yet, I know him for one of the greatest memories that he selflessly gave to me. The first time we ever talked, I asked him for a favor, and without hesitation, he said “Yes.”

In March of 2009, I asked him to speak at a Tea Party Rally that I had organized at the Santa Ana Civic Center on April 15, 2009. I left him a message on his cell phone–the number which I had tracked down from a mutual aquaintance. An hour later, I get a call back and he says, “Megan? Andrew Breitbart. What is this tea party thing about and oh yeah, count me in.” Two weeks later, he was speaking at his first tea party on a chilly and windy day, in front of a crowd of over 2000 people.  He brought with him his fiery friend, Gary Graham and his dear father-in-law Orson Bean. They each spoke to the crowd with such conviction, kindness and passion. It is a day that I, and many, will never forget.

After that day, I would run into Andrew at various events and he would jokingly refer to me as “his first.” I always made sure I shook his hand or gave him a big hug, not only because I appreciated him for coming to speak on that day in April, but for inspiring me to speak out against a government that had grown too large and speak up for a citizenry that had been Taxed Enough Already.

Andrew encapsulated and emulated everything that I found good and decent and honorable. His love of family and country, his tenacity, his strength, his humor, and his fire that he so tirelessly and willingly gave to the quest for Truth.  Unfortunately, truth and honesty aren’t commodities–especially in politics and the media.  Andrew’s fight to bring truth and light to the masses was like David fighting Goliath. Andrew had this slingshot and the MSM, the Giant, had the narrative. Yet, Andrew tirelessly beat them with that slingshot, head on. He was fearless. He stood his ground. He took the battle to their door steps and outsmarted their best generals. He exposed their false narrative –which is the Giant’s ironic weakness, and fought to protect those harmed by their smears. Andrew showed all of us that the impossible can be possible. It ain’t gonna come easy and it ain’t gonna come cheap. Andrew, today, gave his life for it. His family and friends who stood behind him and with him, made it all possible.

I was looking forward to this day as Andrew had promised to release tapes and information related to Obama’s past. So, when I heard the news early this morning, I started screaming, “Why, Why, Why God? Why him? Why take this man from his wife and their four children? What did he do? He had so much more to do! Why now, God? Why?!”

After scouring the blog roll and Twitter/Facebook feed, in search of any answers, I was reminded that the answers to these and many more questions, will be found by all of those whom he touched through his boundless energy and his work.  The Truth will be Andrew’s legacy as his work and deeds are my inspiration. Sunlight is a great disinfectant and although his light will no longer shine, his spirit will carry on. #WeAreAllBreitbart from this day forward.

Andrew leaves behind a pair of shoes which cannot be filled. He was one in a million: a trailblazer, a happy warrior, a revolutionary, a torch bearer. There are millions of us who he has inspired that are ready and willing to carry that torch–and that is what must be and will be done. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He designed the battle plan. He deserves no less. His life, although too short, was his gift to us. Our work is our gift back to him.

In his own words from the upcoming film “Hating Breitbart”


Rest in peace and thank you, my friend, for absolutely everything.




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  • Megan,

    Finally, finally, finally, someone who can stand up and boldly tell the truth! Someone who knows the values and foundation that this country was founded on.

    We are a God fearing nation, In God We Trust. Until we can return to our our roots, we are in fear of losing our nation.

    Thank-you for your beliefs! So refreshing, like a drink on a scorching hot day!!!

    I am your fan!! hahahhaa



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