‘Inclusive’ Democrats Spew Hate

On the Nextdoor app in my city, residents even posted asking where to purchase the signs (in violation of the Nextdoor rules, BTW). I immediately made myself unpopular (as if I care) when I noted that the signs are greatly political and were created by the Portland, Oregon group, Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX. Wow. The fur started flying when I pointed out that the Nasty Women support “Black Lives Matter, and I listed several of the feminist causes and groups they support, trying to show how political and one-sided this sign is, including:

as well as “immigrant” groups:

and “Privilege:”

and “Resistance:”

You’d have thought I called these women racist, homophobic bigots.

Oh. Wait. That’s what they called me. And a Fascist.

In today’s Sacramento Bee, they ran an article about an orderly suburban neighborhood known for it’s strict Homeowners Association and CC&Rs, which has contacted one couple who posted the “In Our America” sign in their lawn. “A letter from the homeowners association to which they belong in their Gold River neighborhood infringes on Bill and Diane Durston’s right to free speech, they say.”

One of the reasons I do not live in Gold River is because of the HOA. It’s a choice. They have four colors of house paint they are allowed to paint their exteriors, cars must be parked in the garage, and not on the street, and the front yards all look alike. It’s a lovely neighborhood – don’t get me wrong. But HOA’s don’t fit everyone.

So the Durston’s who are violating the sign rule, are now complaining that their First Amendment rights are being violated by the HOA of the neighborhood in which they chose to live, and signed the agreement to live under the rules.

Puleese… Why do liberals always want to change the rules they don’t like?

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.50.09 AM

The Durstons, as with the liberals in my neighborhood, claim they are being “inclusive” with their sign… until it is pointed out what the sign means.

Read this sign: “In Our America: All people are equal. Love wins. Black lives matter. Immigrants and refugees are welcome. Disabilities are respected. Women are in charge of their bodies. People and planet are valued over profit. Diversity is celebrated.”

How “inclusive” does this feel to you, say if you are a strict Constitutionalist? How “inclusive” does this feel to you if you are a member of the military who has seen combat? Or if you are a practicing Christian or Jew? How inclusive is this sign if you are a police officer or Sheriff? How inclusive is this sign if you legally immigrated to the United States, waited in line, learned the language, got a job, and did not go on welfare? How inclusive is this sign if you are one of the 50% of scientists who doubt manmade global warming? How inclusive is this sign if you voted for Donald Trump?

“We wanted to put it back to red, white and blue, reclaim the American flag and state our values on it,” said Kirsten Hunter, co-founder of  Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX. Ah. “Our values,” she said.

“For us, it symbolizes anti-Trump ethics,”Ron Maertz, an East Sacramento resident said in a Sacbee.com article.“We’re all for what the sign says. And (Trump) is against many of those things. So we just want to make it known that’s where we’re coming from.”

For these homeowners and the media, the sign symbolizes anti-Trump resistance and legitimizes their hate. This is just more of the ongoing resistance effort, manifested in regular anti-Trump protests and town-hall violence.  Someone told me, “It’s a nicer, more polite hate… like a cupcake made with a cyanide frosting.”


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