I ♥ Reagan

I was reminded, some time ago by a dear friend from middle school, that I had an “I ♥ Reagan” bumper sticker on my bedroom door. I was raised in the malaise of Carter—which, thankfully was squelched after one term, by the optimism and election of Reagan. Although a young girl, I was drawn to his words of inspiration, individual achievement and the love of his country. Growing up among generations of military men, the love of my country and the military was instilled at a very young age, but Reagan, personified the American Dream. He was an approachable, Midwestern man, who rose to be the leader of the Free World.

There will never be another Ronald Reagan, but I cannot and will not believe that his convictions of principled conservatism died with him. In each of us, as Americans–as individuals, is the aspiration to rise to greater heights, to leave a better place for our children, and to live out our dreams—in the only place on Earth where the light of liberty and the song of freedom continue to lure hundreds of thousands to our shores.

We must preserve the light and play the song. We are only missing the guardian, the conductor.

This short video serves as a reminder to the crowded 2016 playing field in the GOP and the call for a third party. My rolling blog/commentary will serve as a reminder that the battle is not between right and left, but between the direction of our country– up or down.



  • The beginning of a great website. I hope anyone trying to be our next president reviews the conservative course that Reagan took to get our country back to the economic powerhouse and world leader we have always been.
    Identify the problem,attack it and defeat it. ReaganBaby is a good place to start on the road back to sanity

  • I am a Marine and believe this is the way of the future that can save our country.

  • Thank you, I was also raised in the same time period and thankfully my military service was under Reagan. I’m rooting for this page to go viral and will do all I can to help make that happen!


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