Grieving Las Vegas

When I heard about the massacre in Vegas, minutes after it began, I listened, for hours, to the LVPD police scanner. In the chaos, there were live reports, by the minute, of active shooters and suspects in a half dozen casino/hotel properties near the Mandalay. Our LEOs, SWAT, and first responders were able to decipher the “noise” and isolate and eliminate the threat within an hour. It is due to their intensive training and instinct that we Nevadans did not suffer greater losses and bloodshed. Two LEOs I listened to on the scanner, had loaded 9 critically injured victims in their patrol cars and transported them to nearby hospitals. This valley is small and everyone I know has been directly affected by this act of terror.

Although there are many conflicting reports, it will take time to sort through the crime scene and related evidence.
To jump to any conclusions is foolish at this point. What isn’t foolish is to acknowledge that there is a cancer in our culture that cannot be cured with legislation, it must be found within our hearts.

If we truly live in a free thinking society, one which embraces differences of opinions, thoughts, and perspectives, then the outward and public demonization of those who we don’t agree with must come to an end.

As a vocal Trump supporter, I have been subject to physical assault, verbal harassment, death threats, and ridicule. I have been called a racist, a fascist and a Nazi…to name just a few. As a NRA member, I have now been publicly and directly accused, by a former presidential candidate, as an accomplice in this tragedy. This rhetoric is designed to divide, not unite.

So as the dust clears from the gun powder, and the blood is washed from our Vegas sidewalks, take time to understand those who you may disagree with by simply taking time to listen, rather than vilify. As my grandfather said, God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.

It’s hard to reason in the face of evil, but the challenge has been given and it is up to us to rise and meet the challenge with compassion, respect and unity.

I pray that we are wise enough to unite and strong enough to endure.

To support the victims and their families in this time of need, please visit:

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  • Megan,
    Well said and really spot on. I can’t really understand what just happened. This guy didn’t seem to have a cause, message or exit strategy. His plan didn’t include his personal survival.
    Congress can’t pass any laws that would have any effect on what happened here, unless they force us all to go to church.


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