The Teflon Don Gets A Rise

In the case of Monica Lewinsky the story was never really about Monica or Linda Tripp. It was about subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice and a true abuse of power on the part of a sitting president. That should have been the story. It never was.

Linda Tripp, 2015

Unlike Hillary Clinton, what Donald Trump says is brutally honest, unfiltered and raw.  And, unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump continues to rise in the polls.  Trump’s style is unusual in politics, especially in this politically correct climate–a climate that has fostered a generation of perpetually offended people who have a number of grievances so vast and so delicate–even causing a Democrat presidential candidate to apologize for saying  “all lives matter.”
Progressives need a perpetual parade of victims in order to save them through government programs. Dependency on government is central to their platform. They need people to believe that their lives have a hierarchy according to color; that life doesn’t begin until a baby leaves the hospital, (although the parts–hearts, livers, and limbs are viable and valuable for “science”);  and, the more groups of victims and grievances that are created, the more government programs are designed to fix the disparity and inequality.  Not surprisingly, progressives are recycling the fabricated “War on Women” to deflect from the issues, and, once again, parade women as victims.  Progressives, like Hillary, are the only ones who can save these aggreived females, much like PETA needs to save the Sea World whales.
Speaking of which, I found it astonishing and insulting that Rosie O’Donnell was a topic in a presidential debate.  I was expecting a debate that I had come to expect from watching Megyn Kelly.  I have watched her for years and will even record the shows I miss.  I find her to be an excellent interviewer and lawyer, one who treats each interview as a deposition/discovery whereby she asks tough questions and does not allow her guests much room to dodge or evade. As a woman, I have a great appreciation for her personal success in which she changed course in her career and fought with creativity and hutzpah to pursue her dreams.
Yet, much to my surprise and dismay, the second question, was a loaded question, similar to “when was the last time you beat your wife?”  Megyn used the progressive fabrication of the GOP’s “War on Women,” in order to paint Donald Trump as a sexist, based upon a few of his past exchanges with Rosie and others.  I understand the tactics behind the question, for these tactics have been and will be used until November 2016.  The republican candidates need to be prepared and ready.  So, did this question have a place? Perhaps. But, I would argue that the placement of this question, early in the debate, cast a shadow on the rest of it, and left many, including Mark Levin, with more questions than answers.  In a crowded stage of 10, which hosted the most diverse and talented candidates, provided only 6 minutes to each candidate to deliver their messages to the viewers.
Yet, part of me is relieved that the War on Women has been resurrected. It may be a gift that keeps on giving for the progressives, but for conservatives, it is an opening.  Megyn has not only captured the attention of many, she has been one of the very few reporters that have caused Hillary Clinton to break her silence and has even received Hillary’s praise:
But I just want to remind us that what they say about women — not one woman who is perfectly capable and incredibly impressive, able to take care of herself,” Clinton continued, referring to Kelly, “but all these women that I have fought for, worked for, stood up for, advocated for and want to be a president for, who may not have the opportunity to defend themselves, who may lose the right to exercise a personal choice if certain of the Republicans were to be successful, I don’t want that forgotten.”
Now that Hillary has answered the call, can we now have a fair and balanced discussion about the women that Hillary has “fought for, worked for, stood up for, advocated for, and defended?”  Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broadrrick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle Browning were labeled by Hillary as part of the “Bimbo eruptions.”  The war on women originated with Hillary Clinton and this “War Room” was orchestrated by her to trash and vilify these defenseless women who were harassed and assaulted by her husband.  Monica and Paula were sexually harrassed, Kathleen Willey was sexually harassed and assaulted, Juanita Broderick was raped, Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning were Bill’s long time mistresses.  Each of these women were threatened with retribution from the media, and the smear campaign was lead by none other than Hillary Clinton and her advisor, Sidney Blumenthal. Looney toons, trailer trash, bimbos–all insults and smears used by Hillary Clinton, and her inner circle, to disparage, threat and further damage these women publicly, ruthlessly and relentlessly.
The war on women Hillary Clinton waged is not only found in 1993.  The progressive War on Women continues as indicated in July’s economic numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a record-breaking 56 million women are unemployed. Since 2009, 7 million women have dropped out of the labor force.   The real choices facing many of these women have nothing to do with “reproductive justice.”  Late term abortions don’t pay these women’s bills.
With all of the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton in relation to her missing server, destruction of emails, and criminal investigations, Linda Tripp’s quote could easily describe Hillary the Progressive Presidential candidate, as they did Hillary the First Lady.   Hillary wants, and needs, young women, all women to forget about her and her husband’s victims: women that she fought against, worked against, stood up against and publicly smeared.  Now that the War on Women has once again taken center stage and is part of the national discussion, she too should be held to the same standards by which all presidential candidates are questioned and judged.
The Teflon Don rises and Hillary takes the bait.

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