The Muslim Crusade Against Western Europe

I believe that history is repeating itself only this time in the opposite direction. The massive migration of Muslims from the Middle East is in fact an invasion of central and western Europe–with the intent of taking over those countries and making the Muslim states. The refugees have been told to:

 Go to Western Europe, integrate with the people, inseminate the women, and conquer their countries.

This Muslim Crusade comes at a time when Europe finds itself facing the dilemma of diminishing repopulation rates among its’ natives.  Consequently, European countries have a desperate need for labor to fill jobs that remain unfilled by an insufficient native population. Al Jazeera reported that Germany now expects approximately 1 million Muslims to enter this year. Andrea Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, said recently that she believes Germany can handle 500,000 refugees a year for the foreseeable future.
The German government along with many other European Union governments are under attack on two fronts: first, the legal residents are complaining about the ability of the country to absorb this massive wave of refugees, yet on the other hand, the refugees are complaining that they’re not getting enough attention from the government; and two, the EU governments seem ill-equipped to handle the explosion of muslim refugees.
There is no question about the declining birthrates in European countries. The drain on financial and human resources is significant and many government leaders are concerned about how they can feed, house, and provide medical care within the existing infrastructure for millions of refugees. The United States has come under significant criticism for its lack of participation in providing refuge. The Department of Homeland Security has the responsibility of securing the borders and processing refugees, but has indicated that it takes a significant period of time to vet these immigrants to ensure we are not letting in terrorists.  The number of refugees we can take will be constrained by the processing system. The US immigration system is already overwhelmed by the massive number of illegals coming into United States through the southern border and is strapped for resources, thereby limiting the number of Middle Eastern refugees who seek refuge in the states.
With the formation of the EU, the free and open movement within the countries has reduced the border control among its’ members. We have all seen the pictures of EU border agents standing by–as illegals break through the wire fences.  These illegals may remain unaccounted for as they enter these countries.  Similar pictures have been taken at our southern border.
On September 10, 2015, Aaron Brown reports that 4,000 ISIL members were mixed in with the refugees heading to the EU.
In the middle ages Western Europeans, of all classes,  joined in a series of attacks on Muslims in order to gain, among other things, access to the Christian shrines in the Holy Land. These Crusades went on for hundreds of years. Counter to popular, cultural/ideological opinion, the Crusaders we’re not all knights. History accounts that even peasants without horses became Crusaders.  These Crusaders were told by Pope Urban that fighting in the Crusades could eradicate some of their sins. Muslims believe that their reward in fighting to the death will be 72 virgins.
The radical Imams are encouraging ISIL members to join the Muslim Crusade to make the EU a new stronghold for the Muslim faith. I was struck by the photographs of the refugees trying to get to the EU, the Times of London as well as other newspapers have reported that about 75% of the refugees are male between the ages of 18 to 35. In the photos I have seen they seem to be well dressed and, in one photo one of the men seems to be wearing a gold watch. The men depicted in the photographs are of fighting age–yet they are fleeing their homeland than staying on to fight for their own homeland?

In 622 Mohammad ordered the first Hijrah in the new Muslim faith, it was the first Muslim Crusade, today the world is experiencing a new massive Hijrah designed to change the world. I have concerns that the massive influx of Muslims in the EU will eventually see riots and mass killings in Europe as it struggles under the weight of diminishing resources and angry citizenry. Is this in fact the beginning of the end of the free world? The Muslim faith teaches in the Quran that the Muslim faith will lead the world to the end of times, is this the beginning?
Dan Perkins, is a contributor to and Perkins, is a master writer and author of The Brotherhood of the Red Nile Trilogy, which centers around Islamic nuclear terrorism against the USA.

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