The Left Is Rotting From Within

This rot is manifesting itself in some very public displays:

Campus snowflakes are working overtime at colleges and universities across the country to shut down speech. They are rioting, destroying property, and openly fighting professors who’s’ curriculum offends their sense of social justice. If that isn’t enough scurrilous behavior, these pathetic snowflakes are now demanding racially segregated graduation ceremonies, dormitories, and white students and professors are told to leave campuses for a “day without whites.” I remember when desegregation was worth marching for.

The barbaric Kathy Griffin video of the nasty comedian holding a mock bloody decapitated head of President Donald Trump, was not “over the top” as she and many claimed; her stunt mimicked radical Islamic terrorists’ videos of decapitations of Americans and Christians.

The New York Public Theater’s new Free Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar” depicts the assignation of a Trump-like Julius Caesar. The story’s assassination scene, which is the main focus of the controversy, featured the Senators turning on Trump/Caesar, stabbing him until he dies in a bloody death scene. The sadistic audience gave a standing ovation.

House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot Wednesday along with a Congressional aide, a lobbyist and two Capitol Police officers, by James T. Hodgkinson, who opened fire on Republican members of Congress at a baseball field, near Washington, D.C. Hodgkinson’s social media posts show his obsessive anger with President Trump and staunch support of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Hodgkinson sent letters to his local newspaper as a political activist very angry with U.S. policies and the tax system. The shooting of Steve Scalise is about leftist terrorism.

Following Hodgkinson’s shooting of Rep. Scalise, New York Rep. Claudia Tenney received a threat, warning her “one down, 216 to go.” Other Republicans in Congress reported receiving calls from vile activists who said they were glad about the shooting, and hope there are more.

Virginia Governor and Democrat operative Terrry McCauliffe went off on gun owners after the DC shooting. McCauliffe said: “I have long advocated, this is not what today is about, but there are too many guns on the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence. I’ve long talked about this.” McCauliffe repeated the ’93 million’ figure several times before correcting the number down to ’93 a day.’

Has-been Madonna claimed at a protest that she might blow up the White House. “Actress” Ashley Judd had the most bizarre rant on the same protest stage: “I’m not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, your wet dreams infused with your own genes.”

A CNN anchor called President Trump a “piece of sh*t” on the air.

Disgraced journalist Kurt Eichenwald wished death on Republican members of Congress and their families for repealing Obamacare. Eichenwald writes for Vanity Fair, Newsweek and MSNBC.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says the Trump family reminds him of the Imperial Russian Romanov family, executed by Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1917. Trump Derangement Syndrome apparently encourages fantasies about assassinations.

A columnist for The Washington Post observed that not long ago that assassinations often put an end to unhappy eras.

Once reputable news outlets (New York Time, Washington Post) are making up ‘news’ stories, citing fake White House sources.

The Left Is As Mad as a March Hare


Richard Gere, George Clooney, Chelsea Handler, Alec Baldwin, Cher and other leftist Hollywood has-beens are coming out of the woodwork to share their disgusting, horrific opinions of Trump, in pathetic attempts to revive stagnant careers. Recently, Handler said, “now we have a new president whose name is Donald Putin Trump, who the majority of Americans think is a yuge f*cktard.”

The left frequently compares Trump to Hitler or a “dictator.” As World Net Daily writer David Kupelian recently reported, “The Washington Post spent 2016 explicitly and continually comparing Donald J. Trump to one of history’s most evil and universally reviled genocidal monsters.” He documented this last October in “5 Washington Post writers liken Trump to Hitler.”

As for accusations of Trump being an “unhinged dictator,” do these ignorant imbeciles mean dictators like Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, Idi Amin or Vladimir Lenin? Those dictators who slaughtered and deliberately starved millions of innocent people?

Politicians Going Nuts

Democrat Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., compared President Trump to ISIS, the Islamic State terrorist group, during remarks on the House floor in February.

Amid Rep. Maxine Waters’ many television interview calls for impeachment of President Trump, Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, and Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., announced their plan to file articles of impeachment of Trump. Sherman said Trump should be impeached for interfering in the FBI investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 election.

California gubernatorial candidates Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and former state superintendent of public instruction Delaine Eastin, said they believed Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. Both are tossing a little red meat to potential voters, while trying to sound more radically left than the other Democrat candidates.

Whether you love Trump or despise him, grounds for impeachment don’t include accusations of being a bombastic jerk.

Speaking to a group of New York Democrats, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) dropped a couple of F-Bombs “Has he kept his promises?” Gillibrand asked the audience rhetorically. “No. F*** no.” Stay classy Kirsten.

At the California Democrats State Party Convention in May, outgoing party chairman John Burton led the party faithful in an eloquent chant: “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!,” while raising middle fingers in the air. Rep. Nancy Pelosi was photographed in the front row laughing. Stay Classy Grandma Mimi.

At the same Dem convention, DNC honcho Tom Perez opened with, “We have a president …. I don’t know who it is, Putin, or Trump,” Perez said. ‘They’re in a bromance. This is really weird.”

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California legislative Democrats are deliberately defying President Trump’s executive order on illegal immigrants, and fast-tracking ‘sanctuary state’ bills. Defying Trump’s plan to overturn Obamacare, Brown and Democrats are also pushing through at record speed a single-payer health care bill, without a funding source. And they’ve vowed to adopt all of the EPA climate change regulations the Trump administration revokes.

Following the shooting in Washington DC Wednesday, Markos Moulitsas, the co-founder of the vile left-wing websites Vox and Daily Kos, immediately blamed Republicans for the attempted assassination and mass murder. “Republicans are getting what they want,” Moulitsas wrote on Twitter, responding to an old tweet from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that quoted Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano saying, “Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!”

The Democrat Party’s agenda is entirely consistent with all leftists’ agenda. Imagine if Hillary was in power. Imagine US citizens disarmed.

Now would be a very good time for the left to stop ginning up ANTIFA thugs and encouraging political violence. Now would be a good time for Hollywood leftists to shut up and read a book before speaking publicly again.

Mock presidential assassinations, mock beheadings, and talk of impeachment need to stop. More good Americans need to speak out and tell the left how repugnant and traitorous they are. Show your disgust.

There is great evil afoot in this country.


  • Kudos to decency! Even as in Biblical days, there are blinded, deceived people who use threats and evil deeds to try and frighten us, but their’s are the screams of swamp-dwellers being evicted and crushed one by one. Have courage, dear Patriot, the seemingly silent majority will eventually be heard with a shrill, heart-piercing cry of victory led by the one for whom we prayed to rescue us from the tyranny of injustice, lies and deceit that so filled our government. Don’t lose faith. Don’t cower. The right and just will win.

  • If you want to know who has privilege in a society and who doesn’t, follow the anger.
    There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t.
    James Hodgkinson’s rage was socially acceptable. It continued to be socially acceptable until he crossed the line into murder. And he’s not alone. There’s Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Dallas, and Gavin Long, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Baton Rouge. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about the Terror travel ban, the Paris Climate treaty, ObamaCare repeal or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels.
    But if you’re white and angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable.
    If you’re an angry leftist, your party leader, Tom Perez will scream and curse into a microphone, and your aspiring presidential candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand, will curse along, to channel the anger of the base. But if you’re an angry conservative, then Trump channeling your anger is “dangerous” because you aren’t allowed to be angry.


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