The Buck Doesn’t Stop at Welfare Island

It’s not about the money. It’s about knowing that when I step on the stage on Saturday, you’re with me. You have my back — just like I’ll have yours. Hillary Clinton, June 9, 2015

Really Hill?  It’s not about the money?

On June 3rd,  the self-annointed “Champion of everyday Americans”, held a fundraiser in a $11.4 million mansion, hosted by Dallas trial lawyers (shocker), where donors paid $2700 per plate; and, the valets, aka everyday Americans, parked cars for $10 per hour.  The valets should have walked off the job and marched through the mansion-lined streets demanding $15 per hour, leaving the uber wealthy attendees to play “Let’s find my Bentley.” As Hillary told the SEIU less than a week later,  “All of you should not have to march in the streets to get a living wage, but thank you for marching … We need you out there.”

In this same call with the SEIU, Sunday, June 7th, Hillary advocated for a $15 minimum wage while claiming that their employers and business owners were crooks and thieves: “It is wrong that so many people stand against you thinking that they can steal your wages with no consequences. That even stacks the deck higher for those at the top.” However, even those union workers believe that a $15 minimum wage will cost American workers jobs. Seeing that women are the largest, growing majority of small business entrepreneurs, this may not seal her assumed deal of securing the woman’s vote.

However, on Monday, June 8th, if you were a lesbian and could bundle $27,000 for her at an event in Washington DC, you could have a special reception with Champion Hillary.  Perhaps the press should coordinate their bundling efforts if they want any access to her. George Stephanopolous got away with it for years as a “reporter” with ABC.  Yet, she still has yet to answer one question during his first presidential announcement.  I won’t count on ABC to ask her any serious, probing questions, but one unanswered question I have is to her whereabouts on the night of September 11, 2012…………….

Later this month, on June 29th,  Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi, will also be hosting a Hillary 2016 fundraising event for any and all everyday Americans who can afford another, minimum, $2700 per plate charge.  But again, it’s not about money as her June fundraising calendar proves with “lottery winners” and celebrity sycophants who have pledged to stand with her–for more than a dollar, I presume.

Where does all this money lead to? None other than Welfare Island.

On June 13th, 2015, Hillary will once again announce her presidential candidacy  by channeling the failed policies of FDR.  As a progressive, life-long public servant, Hillary made $6,069 per hour in 2014,  and wants everyday Americans, who averaged $16.94 per hour in that same year, to cough up another dollar to stand with her on Welfare Island, guaranteeing them a vague quid-pro-quo back scratch. She and her talking points, drafted by the Center for American Progress, want to convince “everyday Americans” that she is their only champion to fight for income and gender inequality  (by expanding the powers of the federal government).  Yet, progressive policies have yielded record breaking poverty, whereby 1/3 of America’s middle class has fallen into poverty and disability enrollment and unemployment have skyrocketed. How will her progressive policies be any better than the deplorable outcomes achieved by her  progressive predecessor Barack Obama? (Hey, Main Stream Media!  Another question! Please start bundling!). This continued expansion of government cannot exist without the hard-earned dollar of everyday Americans.  Will these progressive talking points remain unchallenged?

The fleecing by progressives will continue, for it is the progressive way.  The ends will always justify the means, one dollar at a time.


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