Progressive Christianity. It's the new PC…

Paradox:  Truth standing on her head to gain attention

                                                                                                   G.K. Chesterton

6 quick and simple rules to become a Progressive Christian:

  1. Believe in partial birth abortion / abortion on demand
  2. Financially support terrorist organizations that murder christians and jews and surround yourself with radical Islamists
  3. Attend church 18 times in 5 years. Skip Christmas services!
  4. Attend a church whose tenets are based in Marxism and racial justice
    • Get married at that church
    • Have your children baptized there too!
  5. When the pope comes to visit, invite a transgender activist, an abortion supporting nun, and an openly gay bishop
  6. Register Democrat and BOO God

Voila!  You are a Progressive Christian aka a PC.  Coincidence?  I think not.
In the day and age of when a clock, that looks like a bomb, wins you an invite to the Whitehouse; a pop tart, chewed into the shape of a gun, warrants a school suspension, and Donald Trump is blamed for something he didn’t say, the truth seems to be standing on her head, and not only to gain attention. It is political.
Earlier this year, Scott Walker fell into the same trap.  When asked if Obama was a christian, Walker replied, “He didn’t know.” The faux rage from the left soon followed–much like this past weekend.  However, when 36% of Democrats do not know if Obama is a christian,  the Democrats might try selling Obama’s christianity to a third of their base.
Free tips to the DNC: Do not recycle this photo from Hillary’s 2008 campaign:
or use President Obama’s interview with Democrat “journalist”, George Stephanopolous:


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  • Right ON! Now those who care and follow world events must surely think attention is needed to the growing invasion and the threat to world peace.


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