DNC Vice Chair Refuses to Denounce Party Embrace of Extreme Leftist

Blake declines to renounce Women’s March organizer who praised a cop-killer, called for ‘Jihad’ on Trump.

As one who believes in the spirit of debate, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Blake, Vice Chair of the DNC, as I filled in for Kevin Wall on KBET, AM790, out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The premise of our discussion was the DNC reaction and response to President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission and the overall integrity of our election system. Vice Chairman Blake cited a “leading” partisan study to proclaim there isn’t enough voter fraud evidence to justify an investigation. Yet, there was enough evidence, that I had assembled from candidates and whisteblowers, to warrant an FBI investigation, still ongoing, in Nevada related to voter fraud.

Although there are thousands of cases providing evidence of voter fraud, the Democrats proclaim that voter fraud is a myth. Their solution to restoring election integrity is to expand voting opportunities through a variety of ways. One way, according to Vice Chairman Blake, is automatic voter registration at the DMV — even though many states now provide non-citizens drivers licenses. Additionally, Vice Chairman Blake believes that a National Voter ID, which would validate a person’s citizenship, is a form of suppression. Laughable.

Blake and I may agree to disagree on the facts and policies surrounding election integrity but one thing we should not disagree on is the rejection of Linda Sarsour, a vocal anti-semite, Hamas sympathizer, Democrat activist and Women’s March co-chair.

Just this month Sarsour called for a “Jihad” against Trump in his administration — though she later claimed she meant the phrase to be interpreted as a form of non-violent struggle.

Yet the DNC and Vice Chair Michael Blake have routinely defended Sarsour. Blake tweeted earlier this month, “Making it real clear. If you come at @Lsarsour, we’re going to respond directly, consistently, with all heart and soul. Pull back.”

The Woman’s March organization, co-chaired by Linda Sarsour, tweeted a meme celebrating the birthday of cop killer, Assata Shakur.

When I pressed Blake on whether he personally or the DNC as a whole would renounce Sarsour or her record of incendiary and controversial statements, he repeatedly dodged.

“People will make comments that we individually may not agree with,” Blake said.

Pressed further on Sarsour’s involvement with the Women’s March and its celebration of Shakur, Blake again refused to condemn the celebration of the cop-killer or renounce Sarsour.

“When there is conversation and rhetoric that crosses the line, we have said you have to be cognizant of that, you don’t support that and that is not something that has been sanctioned by the DNC,” Blake said.

Blake continued to suggest Sarsour’s comments, often targeting Israel with anti-Semitic language, should not lead people to “automatically say that person is a bad person.”

Sadly, we do appear to disagree that a woman on the FBI’s most wanted list for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper and father should not be celebrated. Yet, the Democrats are betting on #Resistance figures like Sarsour to give them the motivated base they need to win elections. Living in Las Vegas, even I wouldn’t take that bet.

Once again, when given the opportunity, a Democratic leader refused to denounce the violence and inciteful rhetoric coming from the party’s activists and political partners. Celebrating the life of a cop killer is not a winning message just like undermining the integrity of elections to boost participation among illegal immigrants is not a winning strategy.

Let me make it real clear to Michael Blake. If the DNC continues to lock arms with the likes of Sarsour and refuses to stand-up for law abiding, hard working citizens, then Democrats are going to continue to reap the consequences in special elections, state elections and national elections.

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