Kasich May Destroy GOP

So, Ohio Governor John Kasich was able to hold off Donald Trump to win his own state and 66 delegates leaving him only about 1100 short of the number needed to win the Republican nomination and there isn’t any path he can take that can possibly get him there. So what is he going to do? Apparently he is going to stay in and be the disrupter the Republicans have longed for since Trump moved to the top of the polls last summer. Governor Kasich is going to stay in the race despite the fact that he is only playing the role of spoiler. In fact, he isn’t likely to win any other primaries.

Trump won the big prize of Florida and its 99 delegates plus he picked up wins in North Carolina, Illinois and Missouri. However it is now a much tougher road for Trump to get to the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination. He will have to take more than 50% of the remaining voters to wrap up the GOP nod. That is a tall order with a fractured field.

Senator Marco Rubio after finishing second in his home state of Florida had the good sense to end his bid for the White House. He was the establishment favorite for a brief time but it wasn’t enough to jumpstart his effort even with the sudden backing of GOP billionaires.

Party bosses in what may be remembered as their last stand, have turned to one candidate after another in the hopes of derailing the man they demanded a loyalty pledge from last August. They demanded the pledge so he would not launch a third party candidacy. Now however they have turned on him in force and it could well be the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. When you ignore the will of the people and thumb your nose at voters and play what looks to be a rigged game for all to see, the only losers will be those trying to pull the scam.

Do not underestimate the anger of the American people.

Remember, we live in an age of smart phones, social media and a 24-hour news cycle. There is no way in that atmosphere the elite will be able to slide in a candidate they find acceptable and get away with it. It will be a complete meltdown.

The bosses had few choices left when they finally began to panic about the growing success of Donald Trump. At the last minute, They turned reluctantly to Governor John Kasich–and to a lesser extent Senator Ted Cruz,  but at this point,  it is not a winning strategy to stop Trump. In fact, it may be far worse.

John Kasich cannot win, period. However, it appears he does not intend to leave the race. Kasich is putting himself ahead of the voters and the future of the country. This is why American voters are fed up with career politicians and politics as usual. They need to know when its time to leave. That time is now–but it ‘s not going to happen.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz has a very narrow path to victory that will close quickly. Will he stay in past his expiration date as well? Time will tell.

If the Republican Party plays games and forces a brokered convention, everybody loses because it will effectively leave America as a one party state on its way down the Marxist toilet with no plan to make it stop. Why? Because the Republican Party will cease to be relevant going forward in national politics.

You may not like the way it is and you may want to scream and holler, but this is the creation of spineless Republicans and merciless Democrats. Barack Obama will have succeeded in fundamentally changing America.

From where I stand, that is not a good thing. No, not good at all.

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