Introducing #ICYMI-A ReaganBaby Exclusive

Welcome to #ICYMI–the weekly piece you will find  on Sunday when I like to catch up on the news and prepare for the week ahead. Besides, we all know that the only news on Friday is a late document dump done by the White House.

In this week’s news,  Bill Clinton saw a white spot on a blue dress; Hillary took the crown from FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, and #BrokeTheInternet; and, Harrison Ford took a WW2 relic, with a single engine, out for a spin right into a golf course. Fore God’s sake Hans, take it easy on the solo.

Anywho, some other newsy news happened, so In Case You Missed It, here’s #ICYMI.


You know it’s bad when HuffPo and the NYT has shunned their first love, Hillary I, for Elizabeth “Sitting Bull” Warren.  Same socialists,  same questionable, deceitful behavior, yet the Democrats are determined to break glass ceilings this next election–come hell or high-water pant suits.  Can anyone tell me if Elizabeth Warren has a pic of herself in big black shades and a blackberry, because that photo seems to be #breakingtheinternet in all the Women’s Movement Gaggles and Estrogen-laden fundraising pep rallies.  Hillary deceived and broke the law, but hey, look over here! A glass ceiling!  I am woman! Hear me Lie, Cheat and Evade! What Difference Does It Make?!  Al Gore didn’t build the internet, I built my own! Shouldn’t those that break the glass ceilings have some sort of moral compass to lead their way and lead by example?   Her only chance for recovery is based upon the amount of moral bankruptcy and blindness of her supporters and the effectiveness of her new Twitter, Women’s Rights campaign, #NotThere. (which should be used to describe the emails sent and received on her now- presumably scrubbed personal server). We will see if Sitting Bull is ready for the Progressive Prime Time.  Bernie Sanders (S) from Vermont, is sniffing around the carnage as well with talks about entering the crowded, progressive dahling for POTUS.


Most any thinking person, or anyone that has caught one of the bajillion episodes of  Law and Order, knows that all the facts have to be determined prior to making a case or a determination of guilt.  (Unless you are Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, PSST “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a LIE). Likewise, one would then believe that there was a smidge of corruption related to the IRS Scandal, and we now know, without doubt, that there not only was a smidge, there was a smidgeful, a smidegton, a smidgeload.

So while our attention is diverted to Selma this weekend, where we can all, once again, see Congressman Elijah Cummings march for civil rights, we must also be reminded that Elijah Cummings trampled all over the civil rights guaranteed to any american citizen when he used the willing participants at the IRS, to target, harass, and threaten innocent americans.  True the Vote’s Crime?  Free and fair voting elections, free speech and a difference of opinion.  But, perhaps,  the sickest kicker of this all, might be that before, during and after this abuse of power, he continued to call his victims…..wait for it……..Racists, followed by a reminder that he was a leader in the civil rights movement.  Elijah Cummings, a proven liar and facing criminal charges,  who I am sure will one day have a taxpayer subsidized building constructed in his honor.  It wouldn’t be the first time a lying, corrupt politician was cannonized.

But deceit and abuse of power to achieve means seems to be a pattern with the left. (See above). Whether it’s the oldie but goodie, Fairness Doctrine, or the forceful, unlawful use of government agencies, the Left will not stop until they are the only ones that are the proclamateurs of what is “Right.” The IRS scandal, I can only presume, will lead to a nice trail to the WhiteHouse, who only found out about this faux scandal in the newspaper, but, me thinks, doth protest too much. #PopTheCorn.


In another Leftist triumph, 6 students, part of the Student Government, at the University of Irvine, voted to ban the American Flag on Campus.  The ban stuck during the 24 hours of increasing public outrage until the Student Cabinet overturned and vetoed the ban.  This veto stops the ban, but it doesn’t kill it.  Why the Ban of old Glory? According to this young, “freedom-fighter”,  Matthew Guevara, who created the following description of the resolution:

“Designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidentially.” But Che Guevera Matt Guevera continued, “The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism. Flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments.” Uhhhhh, what?  Talk about the luck of a draw in the last name lottery if you are an up-and-coming Marxist revolutionary.


We have handed the man two landslide elections and he still ignores the will of the people.  His latest middle finger to the conservative electorate was to keep funding alive for an entity, that has grown too large, and by condoning massive executive power to the president as he grabs his pen and phone for Amnesty and open borders for “refugees.”

“This fight today is not about immigration; this fight today is about the separation of powers,” Idaho Republican Rep. Raul Labrador said on the House floor prior to the vote. “Any person who votes for this deal today is voting to cede some of our power to the executive.”

Lots of talk going third party, as I state in this earlier post on ReaganBaby, the Democrats are the brand that needs to split.  Our conservative work is just beginning on the reformation of the big government tent dwellers in the GOP party.  Change isn’t going to be quick, but strong headways have been made.  Keep driving the conservative message.  Keep electing conservative candidates and keep The Heat on.

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