Face Off and Game On

Ladies, note to the Democrat party: We are not a special interest group.  We are the majority in this nation.

                                                                                            Carly Fiorina

Look at this face:
[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/ODfUOnw2x0g”]
The timing of Carly’s latest ad is a direct counter punch to Donald Trump’s comments about her face in Rolling Stone Magazine, yet her comments do not violate Reagan’s eleventh commandment by mentioning Trump by name, for those who have personally attacked Trump have seemingly suffered the consequences.  Thankfully, her counter punch in this ad is directed at Democrats who have recycled their tired appeal to the majority of women voters by labeling us as victims by birth and as a special interest group that needs the government to lead us in order to break glass ceilings.
However, this DNC strategy is not winning the woman’s vote. Hillary’s polling amongst women has plummeted by 30 points in just 8 weeks.  Statistics show that women do not simply vote for women, women vote for a leader who they can trust.  Only 6 months into her campaign, 6 out of every 10 voters believe that Hillary is a liar.  Under a judges order, her emails will be released weekly and this evolving scandal will generate headlines.  The ongoing FBI criminal investigation overshadows her forced apologies, and the upcoming do-over of her testimony on Benghazi highlights the question of her credibility. Hillary, and the news plaguing her campaign, is not expected to improve her image or her polling numbers.  Unless Donald Trump has a scandal in waiting, Trump is in a dead heat and poised to beat Hillary in a general election.
Conversely and surprisingly, Donald Trump’s numbers jumped 13% points among women voters, women who are not buying the charges of sexism being levied against him.  As women tend to vote more altruistically than men, but vote with their pocket books, they must view Trump as a leader, with a streak of altruism, who they can trust.  Another Outsider, Ben Carson, is polling well with women and surging in the polls.  But this should come as no surprise, for how can you NOT like the guy… or his persona.  As the declared winner of the first debate, Carly Fiorina was elevated to the national spotlight and her name became a regular part of the national political discourse.  She gained so much support, that CNN was publicly shamed into updating their standards for the debate to include her latest polling numbers.  With the recent comments made by Donald Trump and her response, all eyes will be on a potential show down.
This face off won’t only be between Carly and Donald. We can expect many of the candidates to take a shot at Trump because he is crushing them in the polls.  However, in keeping with Carly’s strategy, Reagan’s 11th commandment should be upheld, and the Democrats and Socialists should bear the brunt of any and all barbs from the republican candidates. While elderly socialists like Bernie Sanders continue to rise amongst Democrat voters, Hillary’s scandals make headlines, and the Obama economic and foreign policy in shambles, each candidate should and can hold the democrats accountable for the malaise of the Obama era.
Challenge Trump on his policy positions.  Challenge Trump on his evolving conservatism.  Challenge Trump on the issues.  The fine line between challenge and insult should not be so thin.  For those who insult Trump not only violate the 11th amendment, they may end up on Trump’s retaliatory Twitter timeline and in the ash heaps of primary history. May the best man or woman win on Wednesday and in the words of Ed Sullivan, it’s gonna be a really, really big show.

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  • Hopefully the focus more on converting more voters and exposing all the problems Socialists have created. Trump, in this platform, has seemingly opened more ears and minds of those who maybe weren’t willing to listen to conservatives before. Hopefully they’re learning they want the same things we do! On another note, I thought Rubio was really strong last night. I’d like to see him get more time next round. Thanks, Meggy! XO!!


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