Dear Feminist Snowflakes: Lose the Crocheted Hats and Grow A Pair

For women who have successfully survived and flourished in male-dominated professions, we can tell you that while we may have had some hard times, we succeeded with the help of strong males who mentored, guided, and accepted us early in our careers.

As a woman who built a successful career in a traditionally male – dominated profession in the 1970’s, I succeeded by hard work and proving myself, just like my male counterparts. To the women who participated in the #WomensMarch in Washington, DC?  YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.  Nor do you speak for many of the tens of millions of us throughout this country who chose not to participate in your pathetic display of weak-mindedness and vulgarity.

Your numbers are in the mere thousands, but there are many more of us out here who do not agree with the same old, sorry, sad, “woe-is-me” mentality that your “leaders” have been spouting since the 1960’s.  What so many of you fail to acknowledge is that some of us who saw disparity some fifty years ago actually did something to overcome it instead of just writing, bitching, and complaining about it all these past years.  We stepped out of our comfort zones, chose difficult professions and actually paid our dues.  We succeeded because we did something and built our self-worth with accomplishments–not self-pity.

These so-called leaders in the women’s march have done nothing to effect real change.  They are still droning on and on about the same things they complained about back in the 1960’s.  Yet, all of you who claim to be intelligent, independent women are blindly buying into their failures and self-anger.  Let’s take a look at just of few of those individuals whose words you’re blindly following.

First, we have the matriarch of feminism, co-chair Gloria Steinem.  There she was  praising the Obamas, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton – who not only stood by and was publicly humiliated by her husband’s voracious appetite for other women throughout his entire political career, but who turned on the other women in an attempt to destroy them.  And for what?  Greed and power.

The hypocrisy of Ms. Steinem’s rant against violence, hate speech, and a male-dominated society was topped only by her fear-based message of how dangerous it is today for women’s rights in the incoming Trump administration.  For women who have successfully survived and flourished in male-dominated professions, we can tell you that while we may have had some hard times, we succeeded with the help of strong males who mentored, guided, and accepted us early in our careers.

People like Steinem are saying the same things they’ve been saying for years, yet they’ve done nothing of substance to make any real changes. You see, they don’t DO anything.  They tell you and everyone else to do something, but they don’t really do anything themselves. They hide in their chosen field of “academia” buy writing and lecturing in gender studies and feminist-theory classes.  And yet, thanks to their followers in this vile and degrading pussy parade,  they survive very comfortably and prosper . My one comment for Ms. Steinem, from a woman of her generation who found success in what she mistakenly refers to as a, “male-dominated society,” is – I bet now that you wish you had that bra you burned back in the 60’s – only in a longer, not larger, size.

And then we had the “honored” keynote speaker, Angela Davis – the former leader of the Communist Party USA with long-time ties to the Black Panther Party.  She too comes from the field of academia.  Does anyone sense a pattern here?  Let’s look at what exactly Ms. Davis brings to the enrichment of women.

She was an acting professor of Philosophy at UCLA beginning in 1969.  Both of her parents were school teachers.  She attended a small private school in Greenwich Village where she became friends with the children of the leaders of the Communist Party.  She was awarded a full scholarship to Brandeis University where her love of Communism blossomed into a long career of political activism – against everything American.  She became a supporter of the brutal dictator, Fidel Castro, and furthered her studies of Karl Marx, Albert Camus, and Jean-Paul Sartre.  During the cold war she allowed herself to be paraded around Russia, by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, as a “victim” of capitalism, as she was put on display to Russian victims of socialism.  And while she is a fervent activist against the American judicial system, while in Russia, she refused to meet with Russian political prisoners.  When Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a survivor of Stalin’s Gulag prisons, asked her if she would lend her support to Czech prisoners – those in Czechoslovakia who were being persecuted by the state, she responded, “They deserve what they get.  Let them remain in prison.  That is the face of Communism for you.”

But her hypocrisy continues.  Ms. Davis actually opposed the 1995 Million Men March as a promotion of male chauvinism.  She also ran for Vice President of the United States in 1980 and 1984, as a candidate from the Communist Party USA, along with the then-leader of the Communist Party USA, Gus Hall.

She subsequently returned to her “safe place” – the bubble of academia where she became the residential Chair and Professor with the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  The what?  I think there is no need to say more on this un-American, Communist, professional cry-baby.

Up next? Michael Moore!  There’s nothing to say about him except that he’s a worthless, self-absorbed, angry, jealous, miserable person.  If you agree with anything he says, you are as miserable as he is.  There is no hope for you, as there is no hope for him.

As a woman, if you have not found fulfillment in your lives, it is not the fault of men, America, or even President Trump.  It’s because you have not been successful in life.  If you are not happy, it’s no one’s fault but your own.  If you are miserable, don’t look outwards, look inwards.

Why do you follow such failures?  Why do you not look to those who are successful women instead of losers whose only talent is spouting ethereal nonsense?

The majority of women in this country are strong, talented women, who know how fortunate we are to be citizens of a nation in which we CAN be anything we want to be.  But it is up to us and us alone to make that happen.  It’s not up to men, our marital status, our physical characteristics, our challenges, our government, and certainly not President Trump.  If you’re struggling financially – don’t have another child or start a family without a husband – get a job, any job, maybe two; if you’re unhealthy – seek medical care if necessary (after all your savior, Obama, gave you the ACA), eat better and exercise; if you’re lonely – find a church, club, or activity that involves other people, go back to school, or volunteer doing anything; if you’re sad – volunteer at a hospital, nursing home, soup kitchen, or women’s shelter, but STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

As women, our happiness is our responsibility.  It’s ours alone to possess.  But no one else can do it for you, so stop whining, put on your big-girl panties, and make whatever changes are needed to be happy and content.  Stop wasting your time on has-been leeches like Steinem, Davis, Moore and the like.  Instead, simply ask yourself why people such as these always demonize strong and successful women who simply believe in a different political ideology than what they profess for themselves.

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