Dear California, You’re In My Rear View

I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

May 7, 2015

Dear California,

For the last 20 years I have called you my home. During this time, I have lived in Century City, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Corona Del Mar, and Newport Beach, prior to finding a great little spot in Irvine.

I ran for a local office, became an activist in my community, and even fought the law and won. Justice was served. Quite the ride.

However, over these last 20 years, I have watched our freeways crumble, our costs sky rocket due to regulations and tax increases, our borders dissolve, welfare and entitlements explode, and the growth and greed of the government in Sacramento punish the very people it relies on.

For every dollar I make, you believe you are entitled to a significant portion of it. In fact, this state has the highest taxes in the country, the largest bureaucracy, and the most people living off of other people’s money.

You continue to grow the welfare state without consideration for those that make your socialist policies a reality. We don’t get a thank you card, we get the middle finger. The Liberals have won a super majority in the legislature this last election and are now deciding on a bill to allow illegal aliens the right to vote.

Did anyone really think that giving illegals drivers licenses had anything to do with driving?! What. A. Ruse.

So, as I begin the second half of my life, with the goals of getting ahead instead of getting by, and truly enjoying my hard-earned dollars, instead of being forced to do with less for the “common good,” I have decided to list my home and relocate to a state where my money goes much further and my personal success and happiness can flourish.

With the money I save, I will return and you can have my tourism dollars when I visit the beach in Laguna or the wineries up North. I assume my home will sell relatively quickly as I live in a desirable area.

So, I bid you farewell and I thank you for forcing me into a decision I have been contemplating for many years.

The great thing about money and freedom? Mobility. Shuga (my Mini) and I will be mobile soon, and when I cross the state line, I may return your middle finger as I throw Shug into 6th gear.

It’s all about fairness, right?

Ronald Reagan wisely said, “Socialists ignore the side of man that is the spirit.  They can provide you shelter, fill your belly with bacon and beans, treat you when you’re ill, all the things guaranteed to a prisoner or a slave.  They don’t understand that we also dream.”  

We do. I do. I just won’t be California Dreamin’ any longer.




  • Thank you for so eloquently stating what I’ve been feeling for the past few years, and moreso since the elections last November.

    We are also contemplating your action, to avoid being the last bagholder….

    Which fair state will you be gracing with your presence???

    • Nevada! Where the cost of living is much less. Sure, the summers are hotter, but with the money I save, I can use that towards my AC bills or a vacation. Good luck to you and your family and thank you for reading ReaganBaby. I hope you enjoy my past and future posts!

      • Sounds like Vegas Baby from the heat comment…

        We’ve actually been contemplating Reno / Sparks as a potential escape hatch ourselves, along with Prescott Arizona, SE Metro Denver, Boise, Cheyenne and even Montana….

        Good luck & success to you in the next chapter…the thing that makes me sad to hear of all this “brain drain” is that we’re basically considering ceding the once Golden State to the invading hordes and their legistative whordes who are legislating a giveaway state to keep the hordes addicted to the government teat for lifetimes….

        If we all quit and move away, we’re basically surrendering…I guess it’s cutting your losses and moving away to find a better life, right? Isn’t that what all the liberal leaders say the hordes are doing? Simply seeking a better life?

        I hope that you find one, and will eagerly look forward to the next chapters of your story & journey…

  • Leaving huh..if the U.S. Is the sum of its parts, the changing of California into what it is today, is probably a sign of what’s to come in other places. In fact, if we’d admit it, no less of what’s wrong in cali is dotted around the rest of the states. You might as well move to Wyoming rb. But even though California’s state has been a national tragedy for a while, the fact that it went there before the rest could mean it’ll turn around sooner if the rest of the U.S. Isn’t too fall gone by then. Good luck with your move, but the,America you’ll escape to really needs California. Hopefully your rearrangement won’t keep you from being part of that turnaround, so who needs the middle finger?

  • Saw you on newsmax, great comments on D. Trump and his honesty on Mexican illegal immigration! Keep up the great work America needs your blogs!!!!


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