California Is Stealing Congress

Do the math. California has between 2.5 and 3.5 million illegal aliens. Some claim the number could be higher. Even the most conservative estimates mean the state is home to millions of illegal residents. Recently, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to make the whole state a so-called Sanctuary State, meaning, instead of following federal laws on immigration the state is actively ignoring the law of the land and giving the green light to millions to illegally reside and be protected by the state.

How far are they willing to go to protect these people? Well,  it seems they will do anything they can to thwart the law. They will go to great lengths because it means they will also retain greater power than they should–legally. Democrats like Jerry Brown are violating the rights of tens of millions of American citizens in the process. They are taking away your representation in favor of non-citizens violating the laws of our land.

California and 17 other states are currently suing the Trump Administration to prevent the 2020 Census from asking a simple question about citizenship status–guarding these “shadows” of millions of illegal aliens living in the Golden State and the others.  The reason is clear; they want them counted in the 2020 Census so they can keep the extra 3 to 5 members of Congress thereby keeping the additional political power that comes with counting illegal aliens.

To fully appreciate how we are getting the short end of the deal you need to understand the math. Each member of Congress represents about 733,000 Americans on average but California is gaming the system and stealing from other actual citizens of the United States by getting several extra seats in Congress and a disproportionate number of votes in the Electoral College.  Counting people living here illegally and then counting them in the Census gives California more political clout than they should have. In fact, counting people in the country illegally disenfranchises American citizens in every state.  Several states stand to lose seats in Congress following the upcoming headcount. States like Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota will likely lose seats to warmer climates like Florida and Texas.

According to a study by Pew Research, about 130,000 illegal aliens were living in Michigan in 2016. That is far short of the number needed to swing political power to the Great Lakes State. Yet, f the northern border allowed 3 or 4 million illegal residents in from Canada, Michigan could become an Electoral College Powerhouse.  Texas also has an estimated 1.7 million illegal residents that are counted toward their Congressional delegation.

Consider for a moment this scenario: what if California, New York and Illinois, all states with large numbers of illegal resident,  determined the outcome of a very close presidential election and delivered 8 or 10 Electoral Votes they would not have if those here illegally had not been counted!  This is by definition illegal voting. What else would you call it? If states are awarded Electoral Votes based on counting people violating Federal Immigration Law and living here unlawfull,  and as a result, their residency influences the outcome of elections, that is fraud.

Why should we allow states that ignore the rule of law to benefit from these blatant violations? The answer is we should not, period. We must stand up for the rule of law, or it is you and I that are being disenfranchised by non-citizens. My constitutional right to full participation in our Republic is being diluted by states like California and Texas that are failing to enforce immigration laws. Houston is a sanctuary city and it’s estimated more than 750,000 illegals live in and around the city. That number alone is enough to earn Texas a seat in Congress. So while you and I are losing our voice in Washington, some states are artificially expanding their influence by protecting illegal aliens.

The Census is also the basis for federal funding, which means,  in addition to getting a disproportionate amount of power in Congress and the Electoral College, billions of additional dollars would flow back to California that it would not otherwise receive. The whole argument over whether or not to ask people if they are legal residents of the United States comes down to political power and money. Two things that the Democrats love to take from law abiding citizens.


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