Black Votes Matter to Hillary Clinton

By Megan Barth and Katy Grimes

If she were black, or gay, or poor, young liberals might be more inclined to vote for her. 
Molly Roberts: senior at Harvard University and columnist for the Harvard Crimson.

She may be have been dead broke when she and Bill left the White House and Hillary may be gay, but she can’t seem to unite a fractured electorate–one that the DNC had naively assumed would immediately coalesce behind their golden oldie.  The millennials voted for hope and change in 2008, but Hillary represents neither. In fact, the only demographic that Hillary reigns champion is with the 65 and older crowd.  This crowd maybe standing with her, but many are standing with the aid of a walker with tennis balls as wheels, donning their singed bras from the past.

Younger women simply don’t relate to Hillary nor do they like her for “she’s still the woman whose husband got a blowjob in the Oval Office.”  According to Politico. “Intersectionality” is shorthand for the idea that it’s impossible to separate social identities, or the oppression that surrounds younger women, “Clinton may be a woman, but she is also white—and thus privileged. When Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright stand up for Clinton and urge young women to get behind her, they seem understandably shocked that women aren’t rallying together to help break through another final, uncracked pane of the glass ceiling. When a modern campus feminist watches the same scene, she sees a group of older, privileged white women circling the wagons around one of their own.”  Young women don’t trust her ties to Wall Street and they were raised in the era of Title IX— allowing them to not only play with the boys but to also falsely accuse boys of rape and assault–“Gender Violence”  is their sexual revolution. Screw the bra burning, and grab a mattress!

Brittney Spears stood with Hillary and then didn’t. Lena Dunham threw her weight behind Hillary, but no one, thankfully, seems to care. Katy Perry was paid $70k to #StandWithHer.  Deep pockets may win you celebrity endorsements, but celebrity endorsements, washed up feminists, and an ongoing FBI investigation does not a movement make.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC underestimated this electorate and their typical democratic firewalls. With the rise of Sanders and Trump, the electorate is voting for something different, anything different than a politician with ties to K Street or Wall Street.  Hillary represents all that millennials have been indoctrinated to despise: wealth and Wall Street. So should the DNC take the risk and nominate a women who loses against any republican candidate?  Or should the DNC take the risk and nominate a Socialist who polls better against any republican nominee in the general election?

I am Clinton, Hear me Pander… but not apologize

As the wife of the first black president,  Hillary now resorts to pandering to this demographic that may help her sweep the southern primaries and save her campaign from complete implosion.  Although Bernie has received his fair share of endorsements from prominent black activists and leaders, Hillary has secured the endorsement of the Black Congressional Caucus.  However, according to Cornell West, a Bernie Sander’s supporter, Hillary Clinton’s black supporters represent a “neo-political, black political class that confuses the gravy train with the freedom train.”

According to author/activist Michelle Alexander, Hillary doesn’t deserve the black vote:

If anyone doubts that the mainstream media fails to tell the truth about our political system (and its true winners and losers), the spectacle of large majorities of black folks supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary races ought to be proof enough. I can’t believe Hillary would be coasting into the primaries with her current margin of black support if most people knew how much damage the Clintons have done — the millions of families that were destroyed the last time they were in the White House thanks to their boastful embrace of the mass incarceration machine and their total capitulation to the right-wing narrative on race, crime, welfare and taxes. There’s so much more to say on this topic and it’s a shame that more people aren’t saying it. I think it’s time we have that conversation.

According to Hillary Clinton, black youth are super predators who must be brought to heel:

Furthermore, the criminal justice institute reports that during Clinton’s eight-year tenure, the total population of federal and state prisons combined rose by 673,000 inmates–235,000 more than during Reagan’s two terms, and has had a disproportional effect on black young men.

Hillary Clinton does not have a record of accomplishments to run on and she will continue to run from her past. Yet, she is running to the black electorate to save her.  Black lives do matter to Hillary Clinton, for without their votes, she loses to an elderly white socialist, and the DNC loses their beloved donkey to a hammer and sickle.

Megan Barth is the founder and proprietor of, a nationally recognized political commentator and woman’s advocate.  She has appeared on NewsMax TV, One America News Network, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Blaze Radio, and has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.

Katy Grimes is an investigative journalist, Senior Correspondent with the Flash Report, and Senior Media Fellow with Energy and Environmental Institute. A longtime political analyst, she has written for The Sacramento Union, The Washington Examiner,, The Pacific Research Institute’s CalWatchdog, The San Francisco Examiner, The Business Journal, E&E Legal, The Sacramento Bee, Canada Free Press, and Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette, and can be heard regularly on many talk radio shows each week. 

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