As Baltimore Burns, Louis Farrakhan Smiles

The Caucasians and the government are arrogant, telling us how to suffer. America should be glad that every black man is not on a killing spree for all the suffering they have done.
Malik Shabazz— Speech at the African Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference in Washington, D.C., 1995

Meet Malik Shabazz. He believes/supports the following: Black Nationalism, Black Power, reparations for slavery, conspiracy theories about Jewish involvement in the September 11 attacks, how Jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade, and Anti-Zionism.  Malik, according to the main stream media, is just another lawyer.  Malik does have a law degree, but also was a founding member of the NOI; a former leader of The New Black Panther Party; and is a black separatist. Malik rolled into Baltimore on Wednesday to incite riots lead chants against the Baltimore Police. This wouldn’t be Malik’s first time inciting violence against the police or anyone that doesn’t share his skin color.  In recent history, he has led battle cries resulting in the call for the death of Darren Wilson and placed an eternal bounty on George Zimmerman.

Knowing that this violence- preaching radical had arrived in your town, and as the mayor, would you go on public television a few days later and announce that the rioting criminals were given a safe space to destroy? Would you wait to declare a state of emergency?  Would you wait to instill a curfew?

The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler.  Well, that’s a good name.  Hitler was a very great man.  Louis Farrakhan.

Meet Carlos Muhammed.  Carlos is standing to the right of the mayor in the above video.  Muhammed is also a disciple of Louis Farrkhan and in 2000 met with the Baltimore Sun and is quoted: “None of us should be so quick to believe the media or the government when they’ve shown they have not been friends to the black community,” Carlos Muhammad concluded. “Minister Farrakhan’s 47-year record shows he has been a friend to us.”  Carlos Muhammed, made these comments on the #BaltimoreRiots this week:  ““We can unite and stop killing one another,” Muhammad told The Daily Beast, “and the Bloods and the Crips can help rebuild their community.”  Turning to the blood and crips to rebuild a city is certainly a new idea, considering that the history of the Bloods and Crips is not one that has earned them any key to any city anywhere.  But hey, let’s give these fatherless boys a chance at reconstructing a city that they have just burned down and looted.  I am all for cleaning up after your own mess.  Perhaps these are the shovel ready jobs that we were long ago promised.

Knowing that this man is a disciple of Farrakhan, as mayor of Baltimore, would you hold a press conference with him standing by your side and thank the Nation of Islam?  Mayor Blake: “I want to also thank the Nation of Islam, who have been very present in our efforts to keep calm and peace in our city.”  Calm and peace have resulted in 15 police officers hospitalized or injured, 144 vehicle fires, 15 building destroyed by fire– including a brand new $16 million dollar senior center,  a church and a CVS. In keeping with her promise, Mayor Blake has allowed the destruction to continue as her curfew won’t be enacted until 10 pm this evening.

Does Mayor Black also believe, like her friend, Carlos Muhammed, that the media is not friends with the black community when she publicly blamed the press for taking her words out of context? How does the word destroy not have implications and how can the word destroy be taken out of context? The man to her left in the video, in all black with his hands together, only looks at her once during her brief statement when she says “destroy.”  Her words also caught him, as well as the rest of us, a bit by surprise?

But in an era when terrorists are not associated with Islam, but terrorists are the police, what are we to expect? We should expect the facts.  Here are some facts from 2013 as found in the Centers for Disease Control:

326 whites were shot and killed by police officers

123 African Americans shot and killed by police officers

86 Hispanics shot and killed by police officers

It doesn’t seem to me, according to government statistics, that we have an epidemic of police terrorism against black youth.  The Crips and the Bloods, made up primarily of fatherless black youth, are rival gangs, who aim and shoot to kill one another–a modern day, gangland genocide and who now, have been elevated to the role of peace keepers and city reconstructors by the Mayor of Baltimore and her radical associates.  Baltimore has been a Democratic stronghold for 150 years.  Perhaps we have a problem with policy and paternity? Perhaps we should revisit the Moynihan Report?

On Saturday, while Baltimore was burning, President Obama was swearing, partying and joking at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, talking about his F*ckIt List while “I Don’t Care” by Icona Pop played in the background.

If President Obama doesn’t care, then why should we?

Thankfully, a mother in Baltimore, chasing down her son who was about to join the rioters, does care and showed some tough love.  (Warning: strong language)  She asks her son, “What the F*ck is wrong with you?” That question is being asked by all of us when we look at the leaders in the black community like Mayor Blake and President Obama as Baltimore continues to burn. My next question for this woman is, where is this boys father?




  • Great article, Megan. No doubt: “deviancy has DEFINITELY been defined down”. I’m afraid to even wonder how much lower it can go.

  • Your article is so bias. Malik Shabazz didnt start the NOI. That lie is in the very first paragraph. Your a propagandist.


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