Add “Mediocre Negroes” to Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables

Any Black person who dares to talk with Donald Trump must henceforth be dismissed and branded as a mediocre Negro.

Mark Lamont Hill


The disintegration of the Left has made the Democrat Party a fringe party and can be seen as Democrats are now attacking their own.  In Cincinnati, Ohio, Hillary Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump a “basket of deplorable’s,” and not to be outdone by Hillary, CNN contributor and university professor, Mark Lamont Hill, decided that “Any Black person who dares to talk with Donald Trump must henceforth be dismissed and branded as a mediocre Negro.”

It appears that some liberal, African American leaders want to go back to their party’s roots where Democrats talked about branding Negros. I don’t know when African Americans decided not to use the word Negro and changed it to Black, but unquestionably the use of this term takes us back in time.  What I find amazing is that a black American college professor chooses to call blacks who disagree with him Negroes instead of blacks!  I don’t think Professor Hill’s use of Negro is accidental. I believe it is a way in which black people who do not agree with him can be denigrated and demeaned.

After meeting with Donald Trump, Jim Brown, the legendary football player, made the following statement, “I fell in love with him because he talks about helping African-Americans and black people, and that’s why I’m here.” Is it possible that some black Democratic leaders are afraid of losing their unilateral and multi-generational hold on the inner cities?  During the campaign,  Trump reached out to black leaders and people in black communities across the country by saying to them, “What do you have to lose?”

In addition to Jim Brown, other black leaders, including Martin Luther King III, have met with Donald Trump to see what can be done to improve the lives of their black brothers and sisters. In a sense, people like Mark Lamont Hill, are angry that Donald Trump is taking away some of their constituents. They see Trump as a threat to their power over black communities. In recent years, Republicans have sometimes been reserved in making contacts within black communities, which have historically, since the 1960’s,  been reserved specifically for Democrats.  Interestingly, the Republican Party was the political party for blacks– from the Civil War until the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

In his run for the presidency, Donald Trump destroyed or shook up many historical and political truisms. Elected leaders are now trying to adjust to a new paradigm that is coming not only to Washington DC, but also to cities and towns across the country.  Democrats see the changes taking place, and the results of this shift are a further diminishment of the Democratic Party’s power and influence. The Democratic Party plans for the Great Society, started by Lyndon Johnson’s, has failed not only the black community, but also the country.

I remember when Ronald Reagan was running for president against Jimmy Carter. During the campaign he asked Americans this question, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” I submit two new questions that need to be asked of residents of black inner cities around the country, “After Barack Obama’s presidency, are you better off today than you were eight years ago?” “Do you think that race relations have improved under a black president, or have they gotten worse?” The black leaders who are attacking Donald Trump and his plans know the answers to those questions. As a result, they attack any black person who meets with Trump because they fear that black people are beginning to see that what Trump is saying is the truth.

If Trump can improve the lives of black people in the inner cities, the Democratic Party is no more. Democratic leaders are doing everything they can to discredit Trump and prevent him from succeeding in the black community.  These leaders do not care whom they offend or attack.

As Black leaders visit with Trump, and witness the confirmation of Dr. Carson, I believe enormous pressure will build on many radical leaders to ratchet up violence in the inner cities. They will try to blame any unrest on the failure of the Trump administration.  Make no mistake: the risks are very high and tens of billions of dollars are at stake.

Dr. Hill, I believe, is out of touch with millions of people in black communities around the country.  Millions more see the unrest and death and destruction in places like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other cities across this nation.  They see the destruction of property and lives and families. Much of this is caused by dependency on the government for so many of their brothers and sisters, who do so for survival.  They want something better for their children and grandchildren. Trump just might offer them something better, something they haven’t seen in many generations.

Dan Perkins is a current events commentator who writes for,, and several others. He is the author of a trilogy on radical Islamic terrorism called The Brotherhood of the Red Nile. His web site is

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