A Walker Education Can Break The Chains of Poverty

I’d rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston telephone directory than by the faculty of Harvard.

William F. Buckley

On July 13,  Scott Walker became the 15th republican candidate to enter the 2016 race for our Whitehouse.  He is somewhat of a unique candidate in that he does not have a college degree. The last president to be elected without a college degree was  a Democrat, Harry S. Truman.   Governor Walker left Marquette University after his junior year and went to work for the American Red Cross.  Years later, he found a home in public service, leading him some 20 years later to last Monday’s announcement.
Absent of this Ivy League education, Governor Walker has been elected and reelected to office in spite of the violence of the unions–led by the national disgrace and Obama advisor, Richard Trumka.  The Governor has not only received death threats, but was also a political target of the Milwaukee DA, John Chisholm, a staunch Democrat.  Chisolm used a “constitutionally questionable” John Doe investigation, and flagrantly employed Kafkaesque tactics to target the WI Club for Growth, supporters of Act 10, and Governor Walker—accusing them of violating campaign finance laws.  These leftist, political tactics–using political agencies and clout to target conservative groups and conservative speech, are the same that caused Lois Lerner to take the 5th, the DOJ to raid Gibson guitars, and Representative Elijah Cummings (D) to target Kathryn Englebrecht, a small business owner in Texas and founder of True The Vote– an organization proved to be targeted by Rep. Cummings and Lois Lerner. Once Ms. Englebrecht founded True the Vote, her small, family business became a target of the ATF, OSHA, EPA, and the IRS.
However, all of the violence, destruction and occupation of the Madison state capitol, and threats did not stop the governor from rising in popularity and winning.  In the latest win for Walker,  the Wisconsin supreme court threw John Chisolm’s case out of court, just in time for Walker, a veteran Harley Rider,  to roll up his sleeves and begin his national campaign.
In Governor Walkers presidential announcement of reform, growth and safety, he lays out his plans for education:

In Wisconsin, we reformed our public schools and gave families as many quality choices as possible because I trust parents to make the right decision for their children. I believe that every child deserves access to a great education — be it in a traditional public, charter, choice, private, virtual or home school environment.
We want high standards, but we want them set at the local level. No Common Core. No nation-wide school board.
I will push to take the power and money out of Washington and send it to our states and our schools, where it is more effective, more efficient and more accountable to the people of America. Think about it: where would you rather spend your dollar — in Washington or at your child’s school?   

On foreign policy, Governor Walker drew from an age old philosophy, peace through strength–a philosophy that guided President Reagan and the United States to victory in the Cold War and a policy that protected us from the calamity of nuclear war, as illustrated in the following points:

Looking ahead, we need to terminate the bad deal with Iran on Day One
The greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism and we need to do something about it.
On behalf of your children and mine, I’d rather take the fight to them than wait for them to bring the fight to us.
Putin bases his policies on Lenin’s old principle: probe with bayonets, if you encounter mush, push; if you encounter steel, stop. 
With Obama and Clinton, Putin has encountered years of mush.  The United States needs a foreign policy that puts steel in front of our enemies.
But I believe that the best way we can honor them is by fighting to win.  This is important because our goal is peace, but there will be times when America must fight.
And if we must, Americans fight to win.

On the Economy, Governor Walker cited The Laffer Curve— and economic theory created by the “father of supply-side economics,” and an economic advisor to both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Art Laffer. However, the Governor has renamed it the Kohl’s Curve, and explains this theory in a very tangible way:

So how does a company like Kohl’s make money?
Volume.  They make it off of volume.
You see, they could charge you $29.99 and a few of you could afford it or they can lower the price and broaden the base and make more money off of volume.
That’s what I think about your money – the taxpayers’ money.  The government could charge the higher rates and a few of you could afford it.  Or, we can lower the rates and broaden the base and increase the volume of people participating in our economy.
Years ago, we saw this kind of plan work well under President Ronald Reagan.  Back then, it was called the Laffer Curve.  Today, I call it the Kohl’s Curve because I believe that you can spend your own money far better than the government – and that will help grow the economy.

Governor Walker may not have an Ivy league education, yet that just might be a good thing. President Obama attended Occidental, Harvard and Columbia.  When he leaves office, he will have left our country with an estimated $20 trillion dollars of debt,  a labor participation rate at a 35 year low with and estimated 90 million people not participating in the work force, and an America that just as recently as yesterday in Chattanooga, TN, has witnessed savage attacks on our men and women at military bases, recruitment centers and on our city streets, by an Islamic enemy that the current commander in chief refuses to identify:

President Ronald Reagan was the last republican to break the gender gap by gaining 56% of the woman’s vote. When women vote, they vote for a leader who inspires confidence, safety, and sound fiscal policy.  When it comes to education, women are on the front line, not always politically aligned, but have united to resoundingly reject Common Core.  Ronald Reagan was the only republican to have democrats proudly exclaim that they were a Reagan Democrat.  How? By practicing “Deficit Jiu JitSu” on the Democrats; and,  perhaps, these were the democrats of Kennedy, who did not ask what their country could do for them, but asked what they could do for their country.  As Scott Walker draws from these policies of Reagan,  he proclaims, “in America, we celebrate our independence from the government and not our dependence on it.”
This initial message must have taken hold and taken hold quite quickly as the latest polls show Walker jumped to second  passing Jeb Bush.   We shall see if his Reaganesque message will match Reagan’s broad appeal, an appeal that speaks to the very best in each American, American’s who, as Scott Walker states, should be free to pursue the American Dream:

As long as you don’t violate the health and safety of your neighbors – go out and start your own career, build your own business, live your own life.
That’s freedom – the freedom that serves as the cornerstone of the American Dream.

Scott Walker knows that the American Dream is harder to achieve without a good education from early in life and will take a person as far as they desire. Walker, although not college degreed, is an example of leadership and achievement. President Ronald Reagan visited Providence St. Mel, twice, and inner city school in the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago, in order to make this point. Paul Adams III, the principal of Providence St. Mel at this time, transformed a failing school into a benchmark of success.  Principal Adams, from Montgomery, Alabama, understood how a good educational foundation unleashes the American Dream by breaking the cycle of poverty. Maybe Walker will also visit Providence St. Mel. Maybe not. But Governor Walker’s  ideas are reminiscent of Reagan and Principal Adams, and perhaps that type of principled education is what the country will, once again, embrace.

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  • Excellent article, as always. Having lived in Wisconsin for many years, I can testify that Scott Walker is genuine–his actions as Governor have shown that he means what he says.


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