3,000 envelopes may expose a template of voter fraud. Why aren’t the Feds interested?

After the 2016 presidential election, I had assumed that when 10,000 envelopes mailed to actively-registered Democratic Party voters in a small State Assembly district (AD-15) in Clark County, Nevada, and approximately 3,000 were returned by the post office as undeliverable, it meant that I had 3,000 pieces of evidence related to possible voter fraud. 

I still believe this to be true.

The key to receiving these returned envelopes was by using first class mail for campaign literature, which is never done due to cost. Instead, they normally send it “bulk rate” which means that the post office receives any undeliverable envelopes and then discards them through recycling.

I had also assumed that our elected officials in Nevada and our federal investigative agencies, would assist in the investigation of this evidence. In this case, I made the wrong assumption.

Instead, many state officials made a variety of excuses without having looked at even one envelope. I heard them all, yet was told voter registration fraud is a problem in Nevada, but voter fraud is not.

Seriously? Seriously.

How can you have one aspect of fraud and not another when there is no law requiring a registered voter to prove who they are, or that they are even a citizen of this country?

In our efforts to work with the Clark County Registrar’s office, after months of stonewalling, we received a list of voters from AD-15 provided in a PDF format and alphabetized by first name, making our independent investigation nearly impossible.

Luckily, one of my radio listeners on KBET in Nevada asked for the envelopes, conducted an independent investigation, and found some concerning results.

However, due to the fact that our investigation cannot access immigration and social security databases, it requires the assistance of a state and federal agency. To date, not one has begun an examination, even though the evidence is right in their very hands.

This begs many questions:

– Where is Jeff Sessions?

– Where is the political will to clean up our voter rolls as required by law?

– Where is the FBI and the Election Integrity Commission?

If we have 10,000 envelopes of returned campaign mail, where are the related Sample Ballots, which can be used as “identification” in Nevada to vote?

I firmly believe that we have uncovered a template of fraud, one that can be replicated in any precinct in any state. There is much more to this story that I will divulge in the coming days related to the rigged Nevada election, illegal immigrant activists in Nevada and their related organizations, and whistleblowers who contacted me from a variety of local unions, post offices, and companies that assisted in voter registration drives.

Stay tuned for more, as we begin Operation CVR, Clean Voter Rolls.


  • What were the inconsistencies? What are your “radio listener”s” qualifications to make such a statement? Is this more MSU to disenfranchise legal voters because you’re a poor winner?

    • Hi Steve, 1. ‘we’ didn’t win Nevada. 2. Qualifications of my listeners? My listeners range from former and current law enforcement, federal workers, former and active military, and a range of people who are well qualified to investigate fraud, give depositions, be whistleblowers, etc. 3. Many inconsistencies related to age, double voting, and questionable citizenship. Any more diversions or do you care about voter fraud? Thanks for paying attention.

      • I do care about voter fraud. Real. Actual. Voter. Fraud. Not the assertion of some no name radio listener, or hackneyed right wing nut job. If the local authorities, or the FBI under Trump is unwilling to investigate, well guess what… probably doesn’t exists. Not matter how much you wish it did.

        • Keep calling me names. It exposes you as weak in that you have no intellectual argument left. There is a federal investigation. Perhaps if you paid attention, instead of name calling, you may learn something.

          • Wow that’s… pretty pathetic. Why is it that you right wingers always jump to the persecution argument when challenged? Your hypocrisy is overcharged, especially when all of your blogs are overloaded with malicious verbiage toward your political opposition. If its not your precious Christmas, religion, or guns, its your poor fragile egos. Then you run off to denigrate the left as a bunch of snowflakes. Hypocrisy thy name is the “conservative movement”.

          • Keep the transference up. I revel in it and we just keep winning 🙂 Enjoy the next 8 years.

  • Not too mention that you completely invalidate your argument of “Why aren’t the Feds interested?” when you reply with “There is a federal investigation”. No wonder no one visits your blog.

    • You have way too much time on your hands. The FBI has the evidence but has not touched it. It’s not surprising since Obama politicized the FBI. You make no mention of the evidence as you bury your head in the sand. Get a job or get a life.

  • Kudos Megan, where do I find more information about the special IRS laws related to DACA recipients? Do they relate to others in the country without invitation, or beyond it?

    • You can easily find out more about DACA and ITIN by calling any tax accountant or googling the law. I am not sure I understand your last question. Please feel free to email me at reaganbabe@protonmail.com.


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