The New York Times doubles down on their hiring of an unapologetic, anti-white racist

Racism is “satire.”

Comedy is beheading a president.

Drama is assassination porn.

Journalism is activism.

Progressives are Socialists.

In 1897, Adolph S. Ochs, the owner of The New York Times, created the famous slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” which still appears on the masthead of the newspaper today. He wrote the slogan as a declaration of the newspaper’s intention to report the news impartially. Fast forward to 2018, and their “impartial” news will now receive the editorial help of Sarah Jeong, a virulent, unapologetic racist.

Upon the news of her hiring, Twitter sleuths uncovered many of her racist tweets in her Twitter feed:

White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon.  This was my plan all along” and “#CancelWhitePeople” are just a couple of her racist, public rants.  Many of these tweets were not replies, but independent, unprovoked statements.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users, within and outside the media, were outraged and called upon The New York Times to reconsider their hiring decision.  Nonetheless, they doubled-down on their support of their new racist employee stating that because she is an Asian woman, she used racism in her defense because of her “frequent online harassment… and she regrets it.”

Her “frequent online harassment” was proven by Jeong in TWO tweets she received from random, unverified strangers.

The New York Times can hire and fire whomever they would like, but do you believe they would have hired any journalist whose past tweets were aimed at black men or black people?  One would hope not and highly doubtful. Yet, The New York Times apologizes–not to their white readers for their lack of journalistic integrity and promised impartiality,  but to their newest employee for her Asian female suffrage from two random tweets.  Jeong conveniently labels her racist tweets as “satire” and The New York Times simply says “they don’t condone it.”  Who would?  Someone who hires her.

Perhaps The New York Times will hire a conservative female writer, since we too are in the minority and receive a barrage of hate mail and tweets.  Yet, I won’t hold my breath. I am one of those white people who Sarah Jeong wants cancelled.

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**While Sarah Jeong plays the martyr, feel free to contact her employers to express your opinions to The New York Times staff who knowingly hired and defended a racist: Press Contacts: Eileen M. Murphy, Senior Vice President Communications,, @NYTeileen; Danielle Rhoades Ha,  Vice President Corporate Communications,, @daniellerha; Linda Zebian,  Executive Director Corporate Communications,, @lindazebian; Jordan Cohen, Director Corporate Communications,, @jorcohen; Ari Isaacman Bevacqua, Director Corporate Communications,, @Ari_NYT; Adenike Olanrewaju, Senior Manager Corporate Communications,, Angela He, Manager Corporate Communications,, @angelahe.


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  • What does her “race” have to do with the comment that someone wanted to sock her in her lesbian face? So a new NYT writer cannot distinguish between sex and race?


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