Why Not Carly?

I’m not a professional politician.  I am a problem solver.  Carly Fiorina

According to her low polling numbers, Carly Fiorina will miss sharing the prime-time, debate stage this Thursday with the top 10 Republican presidential candidates.  Although these polling numbers inhibit her from taking the main stage, she will share another stage with the 7 other GOP contenders–all of whom have national, political experience.  This earlier and separate debate will give Carly the ability to differentiate herself from the professional politicians and demonstrate her problem solving expertise and her solutions to “reimagine government.”
So why did Carly miss the cut? I wrote about branding and politics, here, in a “Lesson in Branding.”  Part of a strong brand, is not only converting your message into awareness, this awareness must result in gaining supporters.  The polling numbers show, and Carly admits, that as a newcomer, she does have a problem with voter awareness.  She is solving this problem by answering over 300 questions from the press and speaking to audiences from California to New Hampshire. From all reports, the more Carly speaks, voters are engaged, excited, and support her and her message.
Take a look at the response she received after these closing remarks at the Reagan Library in Simi, CA. I encourage you to watch the entire speech here.
She is a true conservative, achieved the American Dream, a breast cancer survivor, has national security clearance, and is a potential and growing threat to all candidates in this race.  Sure, Donald Trump has injected more excitement into this election.  But we should not assume that this excitement will translate into votes. Nor should we assume that early polls are truly reflective of electability or vast American sentiment.  Every Republican and some Independent voters I speak to have nothing but good things to say about Carly.  They like her.  Many love her.  All have said that they would have no problem voting for her.  I can’t say the same for Donald Trump, and his polling numbers suggest that he still turns off 35% of the Republican base.  However, it is also important to point out, that this 35% is nearly half of what it used to be when he entered the race.  Trump is surging and leaving many GOP candidates flustered and defensive.  Carly isn’t flustered as she continues to play offense.  Especially in her offensive game with the opponent of the GOP, Hillary Clinton. I have always maintained that an underdog/dark horse may rise in this election, and if Hillary is the Democrat nominee, it may just take a woman to beat a woman.
Assuming that Hillary Clinton wins the Democrat nomination, Carly Fiorina has been the only candidate who has consistently challenged Hillary’s record and highlighted Hillary’s hypocrisy while she handles the press from a position of skill, confidence and ease, as illustrated in this Jake Tapper interview:
[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSdp6YS_spU”]
In a “Lesson in Branding,” I also maintained that the rise of Trump is due to the voter backlash resulting from the betrayal by the beltway.  The GOP brand is in need of a conservative champion who will, when in Washington, carry through with the promises that they made while on the campaign trail. Washington is in need of massive reforms and 21st century solutions requiring a skilled, technically astute, problem solver. Carly, like Trump, is not of the political class, and as more voters become aware of Carly, she may just start chipping away at the polling numbers of the top ten candidates who take that stage on Thursday.  Drew Cline, from the New Hampshire Union Leader, writes: “Politics is a field dominated by those who excel at communicating, and Fiorina is proving herself a powerful and effective communicator. She does more than turn a nice phrase….she packs more substance into fewer words than anyone else in the 2016 field….professional politician rivals who underestimate this newbie do so at their own peril.” Hillary Clinton should be afraid of Carly Fiorina–as should any and all contenders in this political marathon.  Carly just started this race in May and her slow and steady pace may just prove to be a winning strategy.

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