Hillary Lied People Died

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” 

Ayn Rand

Hillary’s performance at the Benghazi hearings has been heralded by the “free press” in the following headlines:

Politico: Clinton Survives 11 hour Benghazi Grilling
Time: How Hillary Clinton Won
Chicago Tribune: 11 hour grilling of Clinton reveals little new on Benghazi attacks.
Washington Post gives you 8 reasons why Hillary Won (and one is the fact that at 67, she gave 8 hours of testimony. Poor dear).
How Pathetic.  As if this hearing was a debate or an argument to win.   This was an investigative hearing whose members of the committee were stonewalled and denied information from her State Department for 3 years.  Only two days prior to the hearing, the Secretary of State’s office released 1300 pages of emails from Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  1300 pages of new information only provided through force by a federal judges order.  Within those 1300 pages, Christopher Stevens, aka “Chris Smith” to Hillary, requested help 600 times. SIX HUNDRED TIMES. Every single request for help was ignored.
The “11 hour grilling” which was, in reality, an 8 hour work day of testimony, pails in comparison to the 8 hours that Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods fought for their lives not knowing that they had no chance to survive, because for the first time in American history someone gave a stand down order to leave men behind.  We still don’t know who gave that order.  Much like the other fact that we still don’t know where the Commander in Chief was during the 8 hour terrorist attack.  We were subsequently told that help was too many hours away, yet, how long does a terrorist attack “normally” last, according to the progressives in our State Department and Department of Defense? Is 8 hours of testimony at an 11 hour hearing too long for a 67 year old woman to endure?  Especially a woman who is running for the office of Commander in Chief?
The very fact that Hillary Clinton unilaterally deleted 30,000 emails from an unsecured private server seems to be completely lost on those who claim her victory from her performance last week.  Yet, from the emails disclosed to the american public at that hearing, undoubtedly prove that Hillary Clinton chose to lie to the American people about a terrorist attack which resulted in the tragic and brutal deaths of 4 americans: Glen Dougherty, Sean Smith, Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Tyrone Woods.  Chelsea Clinton, Egypt, and Libya deserved the truth on September 11, 2012, but the “Champion of Everyday Americans” didn’t believe then, and doesn’t believe now, that everyday americans, even the family members of the fallen, deserve the truth.
A few days earlier, on another “news” station, CNN host Carol Costello was just simply shocked that Patricia Smith has been waiting for 3 years for the truth from Hillary Clinton.   I have interviewed and have been interviewed by a few people in my time, and one thing I do is prepare and do a little research of my guest/host.  However, Carol simply didn’t care to do her homework, because according to Carol, and many of her “objective colleagues,” the Benghazi committee was a political witchhunt which they had determined to be “Faux News story” and they collectively turned their collectivist backs on the story in 2012.
According to Hillary, she was distressed and had spent many sleepless nights over the death of four americans in Benghazi.  More than Patricia Smith? On October 26th, Andrea Mitchell, spoke with Patricia Smith, Sean Smith’s mom:
[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f283nrts7Rk”]
Patricia Smith’s problem is that she isn’t Cindy Sheehan and the Progressive hypocrisy stinks.  Patricia Smith’s shouts of “you can’t understand” are true–yet a more appropriate declaration is that the progressives simply do not want to understand. Their ends have always justifed their means. According to Rule 6 by Alinsky, Hillary’s sage, “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”  The MSM and her supporters relished in her performance, as she parades out onto the campaign trail leaving Patricia Smith and the other family members without answers.  As a woman, I am appalled at the standards that have been set to “break glass ceilings.”  As an American, and a daughter and granddaughter of veterans,  I am saddened at the ethical and moral bankruptcy of her progressive subjects and coddlers.
Someone still want to tell me that The MSM isn’t biased?
I just watched the CNBC GOP Debate and the truth is plain to see if you should choose to see it. I choose the truth, even if it contains trigger words that cause micro-aggressions. And, in case those sHILLers missed it as they remain fawning over their Champion’s “11-hour grilling”, the elderly feminist in a suit still remains under FBI investigation.  Although my hopes of justice from the DOJ have left the building, I believe justice will be served ice cold on November 8, 2016. People ultimately do vote for someone who they can trust and the Benghazi hearings proved that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted.

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