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When it comes to China, Sleepy Joe Biden is snoozing

China’s espionage, theft of trade secrets and forced technology transfer amount to the greatest illegitimate transfer of wealth in human history. China spends its newfound wealth on military and influence operations that undermine the U.S.

The worst part is our elected officials let this happen – and Joe Biden was key among them.

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The 100 million dollar lawsuit that should void Big Tech’s CDA immunity

The story Fyk is telling, in this case, goes beyond the question of whether Facebook is a publisher or a platform, which has been the subject of a lot of talk lately. The argument Fyk is making is that Facebook acted as a “Developer of information,” thus making Facebook an “internet content provider” by legal definition under Section 230(f)(3), and that Facebook is pretty much competing with its own users and there is zero legal immunity for that.

The argument of publisher vs platform is a publisher can be held liable for things published on their site, while a platform gets immunity.

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Trump warns he will punish San Francisco with EPA violations over homeless population waste

Donald Trump is warning that he’ll hit San Francisco with EPA violations because the city’s burgeoning homelessness population is overwhelming drains with waste and sending trash – including dirty needles – into the ocean.

The president said the Environmental Protection Agency will be ‘putting out a notice’ of violations in San Francisco soon, while speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One Wednesday evening.

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