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CNN climate town hall finishes last in viewers among cable news broadcasts

CNN’s 7-hour town hall on climate change with 2020 White House contenders finished last among the three cable news networks in terms of average total viewers, according to early numbers from Nielsen Media Research.

CNN averaged 1.1 million viewers from 5 p.m. to midnight, the hours devoted to back-to-back town halls by 10 Democratic contenders.

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Dems at CNN Climate Forum: Ban everything!

Over the course of the television extravaganza, Democrats’ leading 2020 presidential candidates floated a variety of proposals to cut Americans’ energy use and, ostensibly, to stop the climate from changing.

Among them: Bans on plastic straws, red meat, incandescent lightbulbs, gas-powered cars, nuclear energy, off-shore drilling, fracking, natural gas exports, coal plants, and even “carbon” itself.

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Black unemployment hits record low

The unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to the lowest level ever recorded in August, dropping from 6 percent to 5.5 percent.

One result: the persistent gap between white and black unemployment also narrowed to its smallest on record.

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Exposed: US government blowing billions of dollars on pointless crap

Senator Rand Paul is waging battle against waste. In his latest ‘waste report’, the Senator reveals how the government is adding to the $22 trillion national debt by subsidizing all manner of pointless activities, including $48 billion in improper Medicare and Medicaid payments.

All in all, Senator Paul totaled up $50 BILLION in wasted dollars, and he could have found a lot more had he scratched beneath the surface.

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Unions sent $1.6B to liberal groups

Labor unions contributed more than $1.6 billion to left-wing political advocacy groups between 2010 and 2018, according to a new report.

Organized labor’s political spending stands in stark contrast with how membership votes. While 2016 exit polls showed that nearly half of union households voted Republican, 99 percent of all union political contributions since 2010 went to Democratic causes.

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A record-breaking year of hatred?

One major factor behind Seattle’s decision to pursue incidents of verbal assault by vagrants as hate crimes seems to have been the city’s 2015 decision to hire a sort of Special Master for Hate — a brass-level bias crimes coordinator, whose job includes “community outreach” aimed at spreading awareness of the definition of hate crime and presumably generating new reports. The hate crime definition used by Seattle has itself expanded far past the national standard in recent years, going beyond race and religion to label attacks motivated by political ideology, age, homelessness and “marital or parental status” as hate crimes. Given these two variables, it is probably no coincidence that hate incidents in Seattle “increased” by 162 from 2016-17 and by another 103 from 2017-18.

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Antifa gives progressives a tin-pot dictator high

The most interesting thing about this left-wing violence is that it happens almost exclusively in places where the police power is in the hands of progressives—whether mayors or university administrators—whose police stand aside as the violent ones do their work, and who have not prosecuted them.

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Rashida Tlaib has used multiple names throughout her career. Why?

But that isn’t all. Research shows that Tlaib has some very suspect relationships and activities.

For one, Tlaib has used multiple names over her career. Something that the average American would find puzzling. Between Tlaib and her ex, she has used so many names in documents and other forms of registrations (even after she was already married)?

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