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Insanity wins: Always is taking the female symbol off its packaging to be inclusive of transgender and binary customers

Always sanitary products will remove the Venus symbol, historically used to represent the female sex, from its products to be inclusive of transgender and nonbinary customers.

Transgender activists and allies had publicly urged Proctor & Gamble to redesign its pad wrapper without the gender symbol, a circle atop a cross. Among their arguments were that not all people who menstruate are women and that not all women menstruate.

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Ilhan Omar’s brazen double life with married campaign aide Tim Mynett

lhan Omar’s brazen double life involving secret hookups, romantic vacations and talk of marriage to her DC strategist lover is today laid bare after an exclusive DailyMail.com investigation.

The leftist congresswoman, 37, spent months denying she had split from husband Ahmed Hirsi despite this website revealing she had left their marital home and was having an affair with a campaign aide.

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As predicted, CA Democrat proposes for government to own PG&E

In other words, Liccardo thinks a coalition of California officials can do it better.

“This is a crisis begging for a better solution than what PG&E customers see being considered today,” Liccardo told the Journal, saying of the recent Venezuela-tier power shut-offs, “I’ve seen better organized riots.”

Faced with more than $30 billion in wildfire-related liabilities, PG&E sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January. The will likely oppose the proposal as they explore how to emerge from bankruptcy, compensate fire victims, and modernize their infrastructure (for which they passed along a giant $2 billion rate hike to their customers last December).

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Cultural Marxism: Biological male sets world record for women’s cycling

Biologically male cyclist Rachel McKinnon won a women’s world championship Saturday.

McKinnon, representing Canada, won gold for the sprint event in the women’s 35-39 age category at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England.

McKinnon set a women’s world record in the qualifying event, the BBC reported. McKinnon, a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston, won the same event in 2018.

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A drug cartel just defeated the Mexican military

Last Thursday in the city of Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa state, a battle erupted between government forces and drug cartel gunmen after the Mexican military captured two sons of jailed drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The elder son, Ivan, was quickly freed by his men, who overpowered government forces and secured his release. Ivan then launched an all-out siege of the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio.

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DJT Jr: I’m not taking civility lessons from media hypocrites

The video should not have been played, and it was monumentally stupid for the organizers to allow it. That’s all beyond question, but it doesn’t explain why the media decided to make this into a leading story — especially when they could have devoted some of that attention to video footage of actual violence against a Trump supporter at my father’s recent rally in Minneapolis.

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Warren says cutting aide to Israel is “on the table”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Saturday said that she was open to making aid to Israel conditional on whether the government ceases settlement building in the West Bank.

“Right now, Netanyahu says he is going to take Israel in a direction of increasing settlements, [but] that does not move us in the direction of a two-state solution,” Warren responded when asked what her stance was on aid and settlement-building.

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