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Submission for sale: Banana Republic is now selling hijabs

In a step towards inclusivity, American clothing retailer Banana Republic has launched four styles of hijabs. Featuring a range of prints, colors, and fabrics, the headscarves fit into casual attire, as well as business formal. While hijabi women, Muslims, and modest dressers around the world have applauded the brand, some were quick to point out that two outfits in the brand’s campaign images do not meet the religious dress requirements of hijabi women.

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North Texas stores selling ‘bullet-resistant’ backpacks

The backpacks from Guard Dog Security can be seen at Office Depot and Office Max locations. Until now, the bags were mostly sold online.

A label on the backpack claims it can stop a bullet from a .44 Magnum handgun but it won’t stop a high-velocity rifle. They cost anywhere between $120 and $200.

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Gov. Cuomo signs bill to prohibit arming teachers

The New York Times reports Cuomo released a statement on the newly signed prohibition, saying, “The answer to the gun violence epidemic plaguing this country has never been and never will be more guns.”

It should be noted that “more guns” is precisely the approach high profile, elected officials use as they surround themselves with armed good guys to keep themselves safe. Their very actions show a differentiation between good guys with guns and bad guys with guns.

But Cuomo is denying teachers the option of being the good guys who can defend children as a last resort.

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NYC man beaten for wearing MAGA hat

“Jahangir ‘John’ Turan, 42, says it happened Tuesday evening on Canal Street. He was wearing the MAGA hat that he had purchased earlier in the day at Trump Tower.”
Turan said he was jumped by 15 “kids” yelling “Fuck Trump,” and that he suffered a fractured cheekbone and major swelling to his face and eye.

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Kamala Harris’ hypercritical glass jaw exposed for all the world to see

Kamala Harris has led a charmed existence in politics.

Her illicit relationship with the California power broker Willie Brown, when she was half his age, gave her a jump start few ever get. She parlayed that into running for Attorney General with the blessing of U.S. Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Despite the lopsided voter registration in California at the time, Harris could only barely squeak out a victory over a Republican who was far more qualified for the job.

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Yes! Kamala Harris did block evidence that would have freed inmates

Biden alluded to a crime lab scandal that involved her office and resulted in more than 1,000 drug cases being dismissed. Gabbard claimed Harris “blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so.”

Biden’s claim is accurate. Gabbard is correct that Harris did not pursue all evidence in the case she referenced, but the innocence of the inmate in question has yet to be determined.

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Coulter: How we became the world’s suckers on immigration

Here’s a fun fact: Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman — the notorious Mexican drug lord, sentenced on July 17 to life plus 30 years for drug trafficking and multiple murder conspiracies — has two children who are American, born in sunny California to his wife, who’s an anchor baby herself.

Why would any country make the calculated decision to reward illegal immigration by granting the full privileges of citizenship to the children of illegals or foreign visitors who arrange to have the births take place on its soil?

As a matter of fact, “we” didn’t make such a decision.

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ICE released 218,400 illegal alien ‘family members’ into the US since December

A 2015 court ruing in the Flores settlement agreement mandated ICE not hold a child, including if the child is accompanied by a parent, more than 20 days, forcing the agency to release massive numbers of people because immigration judges cannot hear new cases for two to five years.

A person applying for asylum this month is in line with approximately 900,000 cases in front of him or her. Families released from custody may live in any part of the U.S. while they await their court date.

ICE could not provide information on the percentage of people who claimed asylum after being taken into custody or being turned away at a border crossing. However, an ICE official said the 218,400 individuals would have been given a Notice To Appear in federal immigration court at a future date, where a judge would decide his or her request to remain in the country.

The greatest number of people were released in the San Antonio region. Approximately 82,300 family units were released in central Texas.

Another 74,700 people were turned loose in El Paso, Texas. Phoenix has permitted 41,000 migrants held there to go free, and San Diego has released 20,400 people.

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The illegal immigrant sex crime problem the media is ignoring

Democrats don’t want children to be separated from child molesters at the border.

The requirement of “good moral character” in order to be naturalized as a citizen is as old as our first naturalization laws in 1790 and colonial laws before the Founding. The understanding was that although we are stuck with a lot of terrible natural-born Americans among the many terrific citizens, we should never choose to add new citizens who do not possess good moral character, given that allowing immigration is optional. The country only wanted “reputable and worthy characters” who were “fit for the society into which they were blended,” in the words of Rep. Theodore Sedgwick during the crafting of the Naturalization Act of 1790.

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Climate activist celebrities (frauds) arrive at Google camp by private jets, yachts, and helicopters

Scores of A-list celebrities arrived in Sicily, Italy this week for the annual “Google Camp” to discuss the threat of climate change while communing with some of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs in the world to a posh, seaside resort.

The event is hosted by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who reportedly intend for the camp to be a “meeting of the minds” between technology giants, powerful business owners, and others who are known to be global thought leaders.

Many guests, rumored to include former President Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Bradley Cooper, Mark Zuckerberg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are said to be arriving to the multi-day fest and climate discussion via private jets and mega yachts. Others are anticipated to arrive via helicopter from the Italian mainland.

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