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Idaho must pay for gender reassignment surgery for pedophile inmate

Idaho must pay for an inmate’s gender reassignment surgery, a federal court ruled on Aug. 23.

Mason Dean Edmo, 31, was convicted of sexually abusing a child under 16 years old, according to jail records. He is slated to remain in prison until July 2021.

Edmo, who now goes by the name Adree and says he is a woman, wants to get surgery that will remove his male anatomy in his effort to transition into a female. Because Edmo is a male, he has been held in a men’s prison.

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Court backs Christian videographers in same-sex wedding case

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals halted the expanding reach of nondiscrimination laws last week by ruling that Christian videographers in Minnesota who believe in traditional marriage can’t be compelled under the state’s aggressive human rights law to produce videos of same-sex weddings.

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Printer who nixed gay pride shirt goes to Kentucky Supreme Court

A Kentucky print shop owner who refused to make a gay pride T-shirt argued before the Kentucky Supreme Court that he shouldn’t be compelled to promote messages that go against his religious beliefs.

Blaine Adamson is owner of Hands-On Originals in Lexington and declined to print a shirt promoting an LGBT pride festival in 2012. The city’s Human Rights Commission said that refusal violated its gay-rights fairness ordinance.

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Climate Hoax: Michael Man, creator of the infamous global warming ‘hockey stick’ loses lawsuit against climate scientist

One case, against Mark Steyn, is called by Steyn likely to end up in the Supreme Court. But another case, against Dr. Tim Ball was decided by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, with Mann’s case thrown out, and him ordered to pay the defendant’s legal costs, no doubt a tidy sum of money. News first broke in Wattsupwiththat, via an email Ball sent to Anthony Watt. Later, Principia-Scientific offered extensive details, including much background on the hockey stick.

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Biden: ‘I’m not going nuts’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told supporters in New Hampshire on Friday he was “not going nuts,” when he stumbled over the location of where he spoke at an event a few hours earlier

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Surprise! Macron hosts Iran’s Zarif for side talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif flew into Biarritz in southern France for the G7 summit on Sunday in an unexpected and dramatic attempt to break a diplomatic deadlock over Tehran’s disputed nuclear programme.


Zarif’s presence had not been announced and represented an attempt by French host Emmanuel Macron to find a way to soothe spiralling tensions between Iran and the United States.

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China vows to ‘fight to the end’ against ‘barbaric tariffs’ and ‘have the last laugh

Sure enough, in response China said it would continue fighting the trade war with the US “until the end” as tit-for-tat escalation is now virtually assured with no end in sight.

On Saturday, China’s commerce ministry issued a statement calling on Washington not to “misjudge the situation and underestimate the determination of Chinese people” after US President Donald Trump announced new tariffs on Chinese imports.

“The US should immediately stop its wrong action, or it will have to bear all consequences,” the statement said.

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Students retreating from politics as campuses become Marxist playgrounds

This self-censorship doesn’t come from apathy: More than half of respondents (53 percent) believe our country is on the wrong track. Rather, the fear to speak up seems to come from the atmosphere of intolerance and political correctness our education system has produced. Fifty percent of respondents said they self-censored because they worried their classmates would judge them, while 41 percent reported worrying they would offend their classmates if they shared their opinions.

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