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FEC to investigate $369K of payments to Ilhan Omar’s married lover him taking trips with him paid for by her campaign

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is facing an investigation over taking her lover Tim Mynett on trips that were paid for by her campaign
The conservative National Legal and Policy Center last month filed an amended version of a complaint lodged earlier into Omar’s campaign spending
The group is asking the Federal Election Commission to investigate payments made by Omar’s campaign to Mynett’s company, The E Street Group

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US Rep. Ilhan Omar divorces husband in Minnesota

Rep. Ilhan Omar has officially divorced from her husband in Minnesota, just a month after she filed a petition saying there was an “irretrievable breakdown” in their marriage.

Omar and Ahmed Hirsi had been married since January 2018 but were longtime partners. Omar says Hirsi is the father of her three children.

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Elizabeth Warren’s fake plan to pay for Medicare for All

It is one thing to attempt to spend projected savings, those mythical future funds that could possibly present themselves should everything go exactly according to plan. Warren, however, has gone the extra mile and predicated her plan on savings that the best evidence suggests will never occur at all. She is not counting on spending reductions that might take place given optimistic assumptions. She’s counting on savings that simply won’t happen, and then raising only enough money to finance the impossibly low cost that remains.

Now, as I said, this is, relatively speaking, a minor element of her plan—just a trillion dollars or so. Yet this one aspect is illustrative of her entire approach. It’s fake savings and fake revenue all the way down.

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ABC News defends Jeffrey Epstein reporting after Project Veritas posts Amy Robach hot mic moment

ABC News is defending its reporting on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein after right-wing site Project Veritas posted a video in which Amy Robach is caught in a hot mic moment complaining that the network did not go with an interview she landed with one of his accusers.

In the video, Robach says, “I had this interview with Virginia Roberts. We would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told, ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story. Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we, that also quashed the story.”

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ABC News anchor 100% sure Epstein was killed

ABC News anchor Amy Robach, who in a leaked recording revealed that the network sat on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal for 3 years, is a “hundred percent” certain that Epstein was murdered.

Project Veritas today released bombshell footage from an ABC News insider of Robach revealing to her producer on a hot mic that she had the Epstein story years before it came out, but ABC News helped cover it up.

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9 US citizens slaughtered in Mexican cartel ambush

“They killed all three women, and seven of the children have been confirmed dead,” Langford said.

He told us the children who survived were in the process of being brought to the U.S. border for medical treatment. Langford also says the family has had interactions previously with cartels, but the women and children were clearly not the intended targets here.

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Illegal aliens staged robbery and sexual assault to avoid deportation

Those involved are suspected to be in this country illegally, though this isn’t checked by law enforcement due to sanctuary city, county, and state laws.

My sources say everyone involved in the robbery — from the individuals tied up, to the person who made the 911 — knew it was a hoax, though it remains unclear how deep into the subterfuge everyone was clued in.

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Warren admits Medicare For All could lead to massive job losses

Fast forward to several weeks later, during an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR), when Warren admitted her proposal could lead to job losses for Americans. NHPR’s Casey McDermott asked Warren about where the money will come from to fund her proposal, to which Warren said she does not have details yet “but I’ll have a plan on it soon.”

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