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DEA arrests 700 US-based Mexican drug cartel members

In a synchronized nationwide raid on the early morning of March 11, more than 250 members of Mexico’s Cartel de Jalisco Nuevo Generacion (CJNG) were swept up by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

A further 450 had already been arrested over the past six months, in what the DEA has dubbed “Project Python.” Most are charged with federal drug trafficking crimes.

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MIT scientist claims Coronavirus is a “Deep State fraud”

MIT scientist Shiva Ayyadurai claims that coronavirus “fear mongering” is a “Deep State fraud” to manipulate financial markets.

Ayyadurai, who is noted for his controversial claim to be the “inventor of email,” has a PhD in Biological Engineering and is running as a Republican in the 2020 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts.

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Coronavirus exposes global supply chain failures

In the ongoing debate over globalization, supply chain disruption due to coronavirus strengthens President Trump’s argument that the United States should be less economically dependent on Chinese manufacturers, according to some economic experts.

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