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Trump is right to suspect voter fraud

Democrats love to repeat that voter fraud is a myth conjured by right-wing nuts to justify the defeat of their candidates at the polls.

But evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming. Anyone remember “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson, whose first election to the United States Senate was secured by stuffed ballot boxes conveniently discovered by his campaign manager?

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Local news experiment with mail-in ballots ends in disaster

How long might it take for your mail-in ballot to actually arrive and be counted? CBS News decided to test it, sending 100 mock ballots simulating a hundred voters in locations all across Philadelphia to a post office box. After some delays, 97 arrived. In a close election, 3% could be pivotal, especially in what’s expected to be a record year for mail-in-voting.

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Seattle creates anti-bias training for whites only

Seattle’s Office for Civil Rights created a whites-only racial-bias training program for city employees earlier this summer, according to newly revealed documents.

White employees were invited via email to attend the “Internalized Racial Superiority for white people” seminar, and the city offers a separate training session for people of color on how “American conditioning, socialization, and history leads People of Color to internalize radicalized beliefs, ideas and behaviors about themselves, undergirding the power of White Supremacy.”

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