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QANON targets Democrat author of bill to protect child sex offenders

Last year California Globe reported that State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) introduced legislation “to end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people regarding California’s sex offender registry.” Wiener and Eggman are members of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus.

However, under their bill, SB 145, the offenders would not have to automatically register as sex offenders if the offenders are within 10 years of age of the minor.

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Twitter deplatforms website that released audio of Joe Biden and Ukrainian President discussing firing Viktor Shokin who was investigating Hunter Biden

An audio tape was released by Creative Destruction Media in May where Joe Biden is heard pressuring former Ukrainian President Poroshenko to fire former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

The men discuss the firing of then State Prosecutor Shokin in order to prevent the continued investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and other criminal actions.

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Trump, Biden tied in Blue state Minnesota in new poll

New polling indicates that President Trump is running in a dead heat with Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the state of Minnesota, suggesting that the President has a chance to carry the marginally blue state that last voted for a Republican in a presidential election in 1972.

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Joe Biden says he would shut country back down to fight Coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden said he would shut down the country again if scientists said it was needed in an interview alongside running mate Kamala Harris
He slammed Trump saying that it was a ‘fundamental flaw’ of the current administration that they were not working to ‘fix the virus’
‘I would listen to the scientists,’ Biden claimed
The former VP’s campaign is pushing for mask mandates and improved testing

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Kamala Harris compared ICE officers to the KKK

Sen. Kamala D. Harris, Democrats’ new presumptive vice presidential nominee, once compared ICE to the Ku Klux Klan, telling the agency’s chief there was a “perception” that his personnel were using “fear and intimidation” in the same way the KKK did.

The exchange drew fierce condemnation at the time in 2018 and again Tuesday, after Joseph R. Biden said she’ll be his running mate in his bid to unseat President Trump.

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A mad rush for the exits as New York City goes down the tubes

It’s not just a few Upper West Siders who are fleeing New York: Moving companies say they’re swamped with calls from residents looking to ditch the city — even though the COVID crisis has waned.

One likely reason: The virus was but the last straw; New Yorkers are fed up with the shootings and lootings, homelessness on the streets, sub-par online schools, sky-high taxes and the sheer obliviousness of pols like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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Chicago boots smash Ronald McDonald House with terrified, sick children inside

Sick kids and their families cowered in fear inside a Chicago Ronald McDonald House as looters smashed the front door while trying to get inside this week, according to staff.

The charity says more than 30 families, as well as some sick children with them, were left “frightened” by those who smashed windows as they ransacked the Windy City during Monday’s chaotic crime spree.

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