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Bad news piles up for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Inflation is soaring and so is murder, swarms of migrants are illegally crossing the border and with Russia ready to invade Ukraine, the best President Biden can do is tell Americans there to run for their lives. Even our Olympic athletes are in a medal funk.

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Elon Musk labels Joe Biden a ‘damp sock puppet’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk once again slammed Joe Biden in social media posts, responding to remarks about U.S. manufacturing, calling Biden a “damp socket puppet.”

Musk reacted after Biden tweeted “I meant it when I said the future was going to be made right here in America,” along with a video of him in conversation with General Motors CEO Mary Barra.

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Peter Schiff: We are screwed and the Fed knows it

It’s important to reiterate that despite the inflation freight train, the Fed left interest rates at zero. If the central bank was really ready to go to war with inflation, why wait until March? Why is it still pouring gasoline on the inflation fire?

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BLM purchases former Canadian Communist headquarters for $8.1 million

Canadian Black Lives Matter activists are furious over the group’s recent $8.1 million cash purchase of a mansion in downtown Toronto that once served as the headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada .

The U.S. charity that serves as the face of the BLM movement provided the bulk of the funding for the purchase of the 10,000-square-foot property in July. The purchase flew largely under the radar at the time, but anger has now reached a boiling point amid other revelations about BLM’s management and its finances.

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The Trump boom lifted Black Americans

Joe Biden began his presidency with a promise to advance equity, which means favoring some races and ethnicities over others to shrink outcome disparities. Like many of his fellow liberal Democrats, Mr. Biden is tethered to the belief that black upward mobility won’t happen without coddling and special treatment from the government. Donald Trump’s record complicates such claims.

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Bad portents for Biden

We read the news. We know about Biden’s plummeting poll numbers. We know that inflation is out of control. We know that the stock market is skittish if not verging on panic. We look on, amazed, as the president of the United States all but invites Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine. Memo to the president: When it comes to armies violating the borders of sovereign nations a “minor incursion” is analogous to being “a little bit pregnant.”

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Leftist radical Gigi Sohn renominated by Biden to head the FCC

Sohn has repeatedly leveraged her public influence to round up public support for radical left-wing ideas and to openly bash conservative input on critical issues. For one, the former FCC staffer took to her personal Facebook account to donate and support far-left social media movements that advocate the abolition and defunding of our police. If granted the all-important FCC commissioner post, Sohn’s polarizing views not only present serious public safety concerns for Nevada and rest of the country but also set a dangerous precedent of politicizing the Commission.

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CDC: Natural immunity stronger than vaccines alone during delta wave

Natural immunity was six times stronger during the delta wave than vaccination, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report, published Jan. 19, analyzed COVID outcome data from New York and California, which make up about one in six of the nation’s total COVID deaths.

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