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Greenpeace co-founder tells congress to ignore UN’s latest extinction warning

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore will tell House lawmakers an alarming United Nations report on biodiversity is political activism masquerading as credible science, according to written testimony.

“It is clear that the highly exaggerated claims of the [U.N.] are not so much out of concern for endangered species as they are a front for a radical political, social, and economic ‘transformation’ of our entire civilization,” Moore will tell lawmakers Wednesday, according to written testimony The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.

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Trump is giving the radical 9th Circuit court a conservative makeover

Young, conservative judges appointed by President Trump might tip the country’s most liberal federal appeals court to political balance.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is on track to have 13 Republican appointees among its 29 full-time judges once the Senate confirms Trump’s latest nominee to the San Francisco-based court and the president fills one remaining vacancy. With 16 judges tapped by Democratic presidents, the 9th Circuit is the closest it’s been in more than two decades to achieving an ideological balance.

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$19.1 Billion Disaster Relief bill signed without funding for border wall

he Senate passed a $19.1 billion disaster aid package on Thursday, ending a months-long impasse with an agreement that includes more assistance for Puerto Rico but no money for the southern border sought by President Trump.

The deal came after President Trump agreed to sign the package without any funding for the border, said Sen. Richard Shelby (R., Ala.), chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Trump administration has been seeking billions of dollars of additional funding to address an influx of migrants.

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Judge rules to unseal records in Jussie Smollet case

A judge ruled Thursday to unseal documents in the case of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

The records were sealed in March shortly after charges against Smollett were abruptly dropped by prosecutors. Attorneys representing the media, including ABC7, challenged the sealing of the records.

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Is Teen Vogue teaching your daughters Marxism and revolution?

One of the most insidious communist propaganda outlets in the country is a website targeted at high school-aged girls: Teen Vogue.

While no longer a glossy magazine like its long-established adult counterpart Vogue, Teen Vogue reaches hundreds of thousands of young Americans weekly through its website. Among the beauty tips, celebrity gossip, and “provocative” feature articles, Teen Vogue’s readers can enjoy a steady stream of propaganda that would make openly communist online magazines—such as the Communist Party USA’s “People’s World” or the Party of Socialism and Liberation’s “Liberation”—blush.

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Nancy Pelosi says she is concerned for Trump’s well being, asks family, administration and staff to stage and intervention

Thursday at her weekly press briefing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters she is concerned for the well-being of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi said, “We don’t want it to be partisan now, but I can only think he wasn’t up to the task of figuring out the difficult choices of how to cover the cost of infrastructure legislation that we had talked about. The president again stormed out. First pound the table, walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there while I have my say and that didn’t work for him either. And this time, another temper tantrum. Again I pray for the president of the United States. I wish his family, his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

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‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh released early from federal prison

John Walker Lindh, the captured Islamic militant who at age 20 journeyed to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and fought alongside the terrorists in the days after 9/11, was released from a U.S. federal prison in Indiana on Thursday, his lawyer confirmed to the Washington Post — despite lawmakers’ concerns about the “security and safety implications” of freeing an unrepentant terrorist who officials say continues to “openly call for extremist violence.”

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Federal judge tosses out libel lawsuit against Project Veritas

A federal judge on Wednesday threw out a libel lawsuit against the conservative group Project Veritas and its founder James O’Keefe.

A woman who was assaulted outside a 2016 Trump rally filed the suit over how Project Veritas depicted in a video the events surrounding her assault.

Judge Martin Reidinger, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, ruled that the video was protected under the First Amendment.

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How media propagandists create symbolic meaning

In the information age, propaganda has become one of the most powerful forces in the world. And political factions, legacy news outlets, and special interest groups looking to manipulate societies to their wills use propaganda’s various tactics to advance their goals.

Legacy news outlets have convinced their followers to interpret “MAGA” hats as “symbols” of hate. Conservatives are seen as being “symbols” of “fascism” and are targeted for violence by leftist radical groups like Antifa. It’s a “guilty by association” concept—only the propagandists pulling the strings are fabricating what the symbolic “associations” are.

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Radical Democrats hijack Nevada. Pass National Popular vote bill to upend electoral college

The Nevada Senate approved Tuesday a National Popular Vote bill on a party-line vote, sending the legislation aimed at upending the Electoral College to the governor.

Assembly Bill 186, which passed the Senate on a 12-8 vote, would bring Nevada into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement between participating states to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote.

If signed as expected by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, Nevada would become the 16th jurisdiction to join the compact, along with 14 states and the District of Columbia. The compact would take effect after states totaling 270 electoral votes, and with Nevada, the total would reach 195.

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