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Elizabeth Warren’s struggle to draw black voters is a big problem

Other white candidates are struggling to show the biracial support that is so essential to winning the South, most notably Pete Buttigieg (whose black support in the Fox poll was too slight to register) and Elizabeth Warren (at 8 percent among black voters, compared to 25 percent among white voters). For the surging Warren, this is becoming an increasingly serious obstacle to her emergence as a potential progressive challenger to Biden, and to the “unity candidate” mantle she would need as the nominee.

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Eric Holder urges judges to vote Democrat

Most U.S. attorneys general avoid partisan politics after leaving office. That’s not the case with Eric Holder. In 2016 Mr. Holder, who headed the Justice Department under President Obama from 2009-15, formed the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, ostensibly to combat gerrymandering. In reality, it’s a power play. The nation’s former chief law-enforcement officer wants to guarantee that Democrats control redistricting in 2021, when states redraw congressional and state legislative districts after next year’s census.

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NBC News repeats Chinese Communist Party propaganda

Further, in an attempt to discredit The Epoch Times, NBC News resorts to repeating propaganda produced by China’s ruling communist regime. This comes as NBC’s parent company, NBCUniversal, continues to work with a consortium of Chinese state-owned companies on a multibillion-dollar project in Beijing.

It is sad to see a once-respectable news organization engaging in such behavior.

The reality is that NBC News is inadvertently lending legitimacy to China’s ruling regime at a time when it is cracking down on its own citizens in Hong Kong.

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Sweden: pepper spray sales surge 90% amidst rape concerns

After a string of four sexual assaults and rapes in the span of five nights, Swedish police in numerous cities advised women to not walk alone at night and to go home early.

Figures released last year found that 58 per cent of convicted rapists and 85 per cent of all convicted assault rapists in Sweden were born outside of Europe.

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Open Borders Inc: Who’s funding the war on ICE?

Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Federal government workers are under literal fire for enforcing our immigration laws and protecting America. But the left-wing Moms Demand Action ignored the story. So did the anti-gun Brady Campaign agitators. And the usual stampede of camera-hogging Democratic presidential candidates lost their unquenchable thirst for the spotlight to blame “hate speech” for inducing violence.

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California Assembly resolution calls for banks to refuse to lend to gun manufacturers and retailers

California has 109 gun-control laws that restrict how and where guns can be used – more than any other state in the country.

Now, Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Los Angeles) wants to “encourage” financial institutions to stop lending to gun manufacturers and gun retailers, through Assembly Concurrent Resolution 115. Resolutions are usually trial balloons for future legislation, and do not require the Governor’s signature.

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Miss Nevada BANNED from entering Miss America over her support for President Trump

Miss Nevada says she was banned from competing in the upcoming Miss America beauty contest because of her refusal to hide her support for President Trump.

“I was officially disqualified from competing in the Miss America pageant for 2019,” said Katie Jo Williams in an Instagram video. She says organizers told her she was “too political” to be involved.

Williams asked what she could do to resolve the issue, and was told the only recourse was to delete everything she had posted on social media

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US Military blasted for lacking ‘environmentally conscious minds’ unprepared for climate change

A new government-funded study takes an indirect jab at President Trump for pulling out of a costly and dubious global climate accord signed by Obama and chastises the U.S. military for not possessing an “environmentally conscious mindset.” It also claims the Department of Defense (DOD) is “precariously underprepared” for the national security implications of climate change. A lengthy report published by the United States Army War College essentially blasts the DOD—and the president—for ignoring the threats that climate change poses to national security.

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