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Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history

n fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world’s biggest, most shamefully overblown, overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals who have no business running a national economy or government.

The facts are this: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others, mostly the elderly — and does nothing to the vast majority.

That’s it.

That, in a nutshell, is it.

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Joe Biden: Coronavirus a ‘wake-up call’ for ‘climate change’ and ‘institutional change’

In two virtual fundraisers this week, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called the coronavirus pandemic a “wake up call” on climate change and said he was “excited” about the crisis because it presents “opportunities” for “institutional changes.” Rather than sympathizing with the victims of the crisis, the former vice president is in full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode.

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A handful of cops are standing up against tyranny

For a long time, police officers and the military have done nothing more than blindly obey the commands of politicians and enforce even the most immoral of laws on the public. That seems to be changing, and we can always hope it will change more rapidly in the coming days.

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Does Google have Hillary Clinton’s emails?

udicial Watch has announced it has sent the powerhouse Google a subpoena. Authorized by a DC federal court, the subpoena asks Google to produce “all Clinton emails from a Google account believed to contain former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

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7 devastating revelations about Crossfire Hurricane In new releases

Late last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham announced a webpage dedicated to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s probe into the Crossfire Hurricane illicit investigation into the Donald Trump campaign. Graham’s staff uploaded the four Carter Page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications, which were recently further declassified.

These declassifications reveal more devastating details in the SpyGate saga. Here are seven new revelations.

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