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U.S. election integrity lawyers are being targeted by a group whose leader accepted a Chinese Communist propaganda junket

The new group – 65 Project – seeks to deter right-wing lawyers from fighting on behalf of election integrity by attempting to disbar and intimidate lawyers who fought for the issue during the 2020 election. In addition to the former Democratic Senate Majority Leader from South Dakota, longtime Clinton ally and George Soros-funded Media Matters for America founder David Brock is also advising the 65 Project.

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Biden is letting Putin run Iran nuclear talks

Some stories make so little sense that all you can do is scratch your head. Others are so infuriating that you want to pull your hair out. Then there are those that are so outrageous your head feels as if it will explode.

This story provokes all three ­reactions.

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Trump’s virtues

If Republicans do choose another candidate, they must do so in full confidence that he will embody Trump’s virtues. If not Trump himself, his positive qualities must be the standard by which we judge other candidates.

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Why Americans shouldn’t be happy that MasterCard and Visa have suspended Russia operations

America is at a crossroads today. The choice before us is whether we will continue to exist as a free society, or whether we will become a totalitarian state in which holding the proper opinions is an indispensable prerequisite of being able to function as a citizen at all. Note that Visa’s Al Kelly said his company had decided to take the step to suspend services in Russia because of “the unacceptable events that we have witnessed.” What will Americans who dissent from the Leftist agenda do when the credit card giants tell them that such dissent is “unacceptable” as well?

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